Jo Malone London Commemorates Independence Day with the The MEGA Ball Pinoy Pride Awardees 2022

Jo Malone London Commemorates Independence Day with the The MEGA Ball Pinoy Pride Awardees 2022


The luxury perfume brand joins the biggest Philippine fashion showcase by rewarding The MEGA Ball Pinoy Pride Awardees 2022 with hand picked selections of alluring fragrances that reflect the pride of a Filipino

For years, The MEGA Ball has been held in the country annually to celebrate Filipinos with thematic events and fashion on the red carpet. This year, The MEGA Ball celebrates Pinoy Pride Awards 2022 on Independence Day to acknowledge our countrymen and countrywomen who demonstrated their skill in arts, music, fashion, and the like. 

Jo Malone London joins this grand celebration by rewarding the chosen companies, brands, and people with exquisite choices from their luxury collections, providing them with meaningful fragrances and scent that represent the pride of being a free Filipino. 

The awardees

Fifth Solomon proudly posing with his Pinoy Pride Award 2022 and gift from Jo Malone London.

For each kind of art is a Filipino behind the masterpiece. The well-deserved Pinoy Pride Awards 2022 were honored to companies or people with different styles and expressions in depicting the true meaning of being Filipino and uplifting our country. The awardees were organizations Ballet Philippines, Bioten, Miss Universe Philippines Organization, Filip + Inna, and ArteFino. Other personalities who were recognized were Fifth Solomon, Gary Valenciano, Heart Evangelista, Bret Jackson, Pia Wurtzbach, and Hidilyn Diaz. 

These companies and personalities come from different backgrounds and diverse fields, yet they were brought together in The MEGA Ball as collective and proud Filipinos through this awarding ceremony.

Scents to commemorate Filipino pride

Aside from the trophies and other prizes, Jo Malone London generously gifted the awardees in honor of their excellency and dedication to the country. Sets of luxury fragrances and creams became a status of Filipino pride through Jo Malone London’s gift packs and collections. 

The Velvet Rose & Oud Cologne Intense features a rosy sweetness with undertones of spice.

Three sets of Velvet Rose and Oud Body Cologne Intense enters our senses with its praline sweetness and rosy aroma, a gentle yet strong scent that unifies the beauty of the rose and the strength of its thorns. 

For those who love the warm scent of autumn and vanilla, the Tuberose Angelica Cologne Intense suits all genders with its hypnotic appeal.

Another set consists of three pieces of Tuberose Angelica Cologne Intense, a gender-neutral fragrance with a wafting hypnotic clean floral appeal. Jasmine Sambac and Marigold Cologne Intense also came in a set of three, perfect for women with its soothing warm vanilla aroma that exudes grace and sexiness. 

The Dark Amber and Ginger Lily signifies a bold, warm, and smoky aura mixed with ginger spice. This sensual and intimate fragrance hits the senses as if embodying power and true pride, which is perfect for the occasion. 

The Velvet Rose and Oud Body Creme not only moisturizes your skin, but also leaves you smelling amazing all day.

These perfumes all came with a special Velvet Rose and Oud Body Creme, one for each cologne packed as a pair as they were awarded to the most astounding Filipinos this year. Jo Malone London believes that each occasion, each memory, and each accomplishment always has a fragrance to commemorate—just one whiff is enough to take you back to your shining moment on-stage in glorious Filipino colors and pride. 

Visit Jo Malone London’s website to find out more about these luxury perfumes and start your journey towards being proudly Filipino today. 

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