Jodi Sta. Maria Gets Candid: On Redemption And Healing From Own ‘Broken Marriage Vow’

Jodi Sta. Maria Gets Candid: On Redemption And Healing From Own ‘Broken Marriage Vow’


The 39-year-old actress freely shared how she overcame a personal experience that’s fairly similar to what her character in The Broken Marriage Vow is experiencing. 

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Veteran actress, Jodi Sta. Maria seems to be welcoming 2022 with a bang. She recently sent social media into a frenzy after posting a sultry photo of her chiseled abs. The stellar performances of Jodi in The Broken Marriage Vow have also garnered ample praise. Here, she plays Dr. Jill, an empowered woman who sets out on a warpath to get revenge on her husband for his infidelity. 

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Concerning her new role, Jodi was candid about her personal experience of dealing with a broken marriage. In a long-awaited interview with renowned journalist Karen Davila, she candidly spoke of how she succeeded in the tribulations caused by her split with Pampi Lacson Jr after their 5-year marriage.

From Real To Reel—The Broken Marriage Vow Of Jodi IRL

One would expect that playing Dr. Jill would be a breeze for Jodi. Mostly because the character’s adversities are similar to hers. But much to the surprise of many, Jodi clarified that acting from her perspective and experience posed a greater challenge in portraying the character. 

“For me, it’s so hard to play something that is so close to home. Kasi puwede mong sabihin na alam na alam ko na yung gagawin ko dito kasi nangyari sa’akin yan. But then kailangan ko isipin as an actor na I am not reacting as Jodi, I am not feeling as Jodi. But I am feeling and I should be reacting as Dr. Jill.” 

A Grueling Time Of Guilt And Shame

Jodi continued her story of redemption with a sense of awareness, “Sa personal life ko naman, hindi naman kaila sa lahat na I am separated and ‘na-The Broken Marriage Vow’ din ako talaga in real life.” 

The actress-slash-mother was also quick to reveal that she carried a lot of agony and regret during that time. 

It is something na nangyari sa life ko na masasabi ko na isa sa pinaka-painful. Hindi ka naman papasok sa isang commitment or isang covenant para lang masira, diba?”

“So, during that time when my marriage didn’t work out, I felt like I was the biggest failure, the biggest joke. Alam mo ganoon yung pakiramdam ko na nagkaroon ako ng feelings of shame, of guilt.”

Jodi The Broken Marriage Vow
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Jodi was especially ashamed when it came to her and Pampi’s son, Thirdy Lacson, who is now 16 years-old. 

Hindi ko nabigyan si Thirdy ng buong pamilya. Anong gagawin ko?” 

Scouring For Healing In The Wrong Places

Because of the messy path she was treading and the heavy emotions she constantly felt, Jodi shared that she went through various unhealthy coping mechanisms. From partying to alcohol to looking for the meaning of her life in the sphere of success.  

I think yung naging coping mechanism ko noon was just to be spending a lot of time with my friends.” 

Jodi continued by detailing the destructive ways she dealt with the pain, “Because I needed some distraction, and I would remember it was also during that time that I did a lot of partying. Alam mo yung just to drown lang all the pain and just to forget.

Bringing more levity to the serious conversation, “But then Karen, pagkagising mo the following day, masakit na puso mo, masakit pa ‘yung ulo mo sa hangover. Na-double trouble pa ako!” 

The arrival and success of new projects, like Be Careful With My Heart, and the busy schedule that came in tow, were a way for a healthier distraction. Her lovable character, Maya, became a household name and was renowned worldwide. Eventually, the popularity of the sitcom led to the cast setting out on world tours that enveloped them in tumultuous cheers and fanfare. For Jodi, this triumph was supposed to turn her life 180°. Instead, she was back to where she started—lonely and depressed. 

At one of the shows in Los Angeles, she ran and cried to her road manager after serenading a jam-packed stadium. “How come I’m still not happy? With everything that’s been happening to my career, to my life? Pero bakit doon sa peak na ‘yun parang mas lalong na-magnify yung loneliness and emptiness?” 

Broken No More

What led Jodi back to a straighter path was her faith in Jesus Christ. And it wouldn’t be possible without the relentless invitations and care she received from fellow actors and friends. 

Her 4-year voyage to finally cementing her faith started when VIU Philippines Content Development Manager and close friend, Garlic Garcia, boldly shared Jesus Christ with her. Shortly after, they went to Gary Valenciano’s concert, his song, Take Me Out of the Dark, took her by surprise and she found herself crying. Backstage, the singer’s genuine gesture to pray for her also became a touching moment she’d always cherish. 

Even then though, the journey to discovering her belief was far from over. After years of veteran actress Coney Reyes persistently inviting her to church, she finally said yes. 

Her approval to attend was filled with splendid surprises. First, the invitation was congruent with a time she was breaking down. Second, the message she encountered made her leave the place feeling astonished and more importantly, changed. 

Parang yung sermon nung araw na ‘yon sinulat para sa akin. So I told Nanay Coney after the service, ‘Nakwento mo ba sa pastor yung buhay ko?’ Alam mo kasi yung sobrang swak, swak, swak! Na parang ito yung kailangan ko marinig sa buhay ko.”

The Road To Forgiving

One of the ways she coped with heartbreak and being on better terms with her ex-husband was by means of her walk with Christ. 

I think forgiveness is a choice that we have to make every single day. And also, we forgive because we were also forgiven.” She passionately continues, “We’ve done so many things in our lives na nakahurt ng todo-todo kay Lord. And yet unlimited yung grace and forgiveness na ibinigay sa atin. So bakit hindi ako magpapatawad?” 

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Now in a healthier mental state, Jodi is able to happily share the wisdom she’s gained over the years. In heartbreak, she gave out sage advice that any of us could revert to when dealing with troubles: go through the hard feelings of grief and loss. The actress assures that in time you will realize that having a heart full of anger and resentment will be outweighed by a desire for more internal peace. 

For your viewing pleasure, here’s the full interview from Karen Davila’s YouTube channel. 

Catch the amazing performance of Jodi as Dr. Jill in The Broken Marriage Vow at Viu. 

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