Joey Samson’s Contemporary Yet Classic Creations Will Blow Your Mind

Joey Samson’s Contemporary Yet Classic Creations Will Blow Your Mind


Joey Samson reinvigorates his iconic style with a new sense of self-belief paired with an unparalleled mastery of technique and construction.


There is a certain kind of luxury in the classic white shirt. With crisp edges, perfect tailoring and an immaculate kind of cleanliness, the white shirt is the ultimate style essential in anyone’s wardrobe. For Joey Samson, the white shirt is and will always be the base of his design journey. His iconic tailoring paired with his creative recreation of androgynous classics, Joey has become one of the most respected designers in the industry. But like any journey of love and passion, there will always be detours that would eventually lead to the most exciting chapters.


Don’t be afraid of volume and wear exaggerated layers of tulle


Becoming a doctor was Joey’s initial focus. However, after graduating his pre-med course, he felt a shift and convinced his parents to let him pursue design. Getting the go-signal, he immediately enrolled at Slim’s Fashion and Art School. The designs he sketched back in high school seemed to just be a hobby in the beginning, but apparently, design would be the catalyst that would nourish his spirit. His skill came out naturally, as if he was always meant to create clothes all along. This skill proved essential as he apprenticed for Jojie Lloren’s atelier, focusing on basic draping and pattern making. Soon enough he was mentored by more industry stalwarts like Danilo Franco and Cesar Gaupo. His search for knowledge in design techniques also led him to join talks by professors from FIT New York flown to Manila by CITEM.


Enchant with a monochromatic look with hints of sparkles


Soon, he was ready to forge his own path. The fashion elite took notice of Joey’s talent and he became one of the go-to designers of Manila’s style impresarios. His exquisitely tailored coats and recreated classics became the obsession of both men and women. Eventually, he would be recognized by MTV Style Awards in 2004 and became the Menswear Designer of the Year in 2007 at the MEGA Design Awards.


Go off the beaten path and pair delicate lace with tailored garments


Today, his atelier caters to only the most stylish men and women. The minimalism he presents in his designs ironically make a statement. Whether it is a certain cut-out back detail or new shape intelligently constructed as a garment, one would always know what the Joey Samson signature is. His design evolution has gained him a niche market of patrons who value not only impeccable tailoring and versatile design but also a certain kind of consistency that always lead them back to the doors of his atelier.


Be entranced by complementing immaculate whites with glorious patterns


For the Red Charity Gala last year, his collection revolved around the idea of his journey as a designer. Aptly called Pilgrimage, Joey describes it as a balancing act as it ranges from classic to unconventional pairings. In this collection the old Joey meets the new Joey; this rendezvous revealed a new but strangely familiar side of his designs. A crisp shirt dress meekly covered by a sheer short-sleeved garment emblazoned with neatly patterned white embellishments, or an out of ordinary, show-stopping one shoulder tiered tulle dress, what Joey has created was not just a presentation of his journey as a designer but also proof why each Joey Samson creation is a piece for forever.


Show sensuality in style with sheer pieces constructed with flawless tailoring


It will always be a meeting of the classic and the contemporary for Joey: feminine and masculine, past and future. With Pilgrimage, we are assured that the future Joey Samson will continue to wow us, one tailored garment at a time.


Be extraordinary by opting for gloves instead of the usual accessories

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