Joey Samson’s Paskong TernoCon 2023 Collection is a Thoughtful Tribute to Jose Rizal

Joey Samson’s Paskong TernoCon 2023 Collection is a Thoughtful Tribute to Jose Rizal


Inspired by Jose Rizal’s romantic entanglements and animated personas, discover the rich historical inspirations that breathe life into Joey Samson’s collection for Paskong TernoCon 2023

A designer carefully attends to the final details of his terno collection. As he flits from one model to another, his discerning eye catches even the subtlest discord. Every garment already exudes an undeniable beauty, yet his relentless pursuit of perfection propels him to tweak and refine. This year, Bench and Paskong TernoCon come together at SM Aura to honor Filipino heritage and contemporary flair in a lively Christmas partnership with distinguished designer Joey Samson.

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The Filipiniana set features soft layered waves while the modern barong adds a touch of color

The busy atmosphere provides a backdrop for his methodical approach, as Samson fine-tunes the garments with a steadfast commitment to craftsmanship. He navigates the bustling operation theater of fabrics, needles, and models with the focus of a skilled surgeon refining techniques. There is chaos in beauty and beauty in chaos—the designer knows this more tactfully than anybody else. 

The terno takes on a dark motif but is juxtaposed with the elegance of layered pearls
The shimmering gloves and red fan become the focal point of the black and white ensemble

In his terno collection, which was presented for TernoCon 3 and shown at Tokyo, Samson was the only designer for men’s fashion. Instead of being a secondary element, he saw the chance to blend men’s and women’s clothing into a unified collection. With that, the collection’s aesthetic text was infused with the subtle fabric of Jose Rizal’s life, resonating with a rich interaction of real and imaginary characters, conveying the spirit of a historical drama.

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The lace choker magnifies the feminine aura of the look, meanwhile the coconut accesory adds a subtle tropical vibe

Rizal’s romantic engagements, depicted with the allure of a Shakespearean play, became the muse for the elegant ternos. Maria Clara graced the designs with her presence, while Teodora, the epitome of maternal strength, and Inang Bayan (Motherland) herself lent their essence to the creation of these wearable histories.

Joey Samson’s Terno Collection is a Tribute to Jose Rizal SABINA GONZALES
Tweetie de Leon’s daughter, Sabina Gonzales, wears one of the colorful ternos in Samson’s collection

Shifting the focus to barong, Samson delved into historical narratives, placing Rizal at the core of this visual exploration. The youthful Pepe, the revolutionary Paciano, and protagonists Crisostomo Ibarra and Elias materialized as animated personas on display. Beyond being mere garments, each stitch and fabric formed a living tableau of Rizal’s legacy, where every piece held a story and awaited the revelation of a historical anecdote.

Joey Samson’s Terno Collection is a Tribute to Jose Rizal ABRAHAM LAWYER
Michelle Dee’s brother, Abraham Lawyer, dons a layered barong
The ensembled is styled romantically with gloves
This dark barong featured a cropped finish

In its entirety, the ensemble served as a reverent tribute to the legacy of the Philippine National Hero. Samson skillfully fused elements of classic men’s attire, encompassing the barong, camisa, and Western suit, with distinctive features borrowed from women’s fashion, including the pañuelo, alampay, tapis, and enaguas. The collection emanated a dignified refinement, marked by a restrained color palette dominated by ecru, ebony, and ivory.

A modern approach with the Filipiniana takes place in this midi-ball gown terno

Samson’s craftsmanship and artistry elevate and transform into a jubilant celebration of heritage interwoven with a contemporary pulse. The collaboration among Bench, Paskong TernoCon, and Samson at SM Aura not only signifies a dedication to honoring tradition but also embraces innovation, especially during the festive season.

Samson elevates his collection with layered and lace elegance as featured in these Jose Rizal personas

The terno display is a tribute to the designer’s creative skill, acting as a lively ode to the everlasting history of the Philippine National Hero, Jose Rizal. This collection serves as a reflection of the Philippines’ cultural diversity by flawlessly merging classic men’s apparel with famous aspects from women’s fashion. In Joey Samson’s hands, fashion transcends its traditional role, becoming a dynamic medium through which history, art, and heritage converge. The ensemble becomes a powerful statement about the intersection of creativity and tradition, showcasing the profound depth of the Philippines’ cultural narrative.

Photography GRANT BABIA
Art Director MIA CASTRO

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