Joey Samson’s Secret Garden Revealed At Bench Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024

Joey Samson’s Secret Garden Revealed At Bench Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024


Joey Samson grows as flowers do at the Bench Fashion Week S/S24 showcase. The designer relies on his introspective nature to bring about a collection that blooms for itself

Joey Samson’s latest collection at Bench Fashion Week SS24 appears as a transcendent experience, one with the embrace of the holy grace as it dances with prayer. Titled “Secret Garden” for the bi-annual fashion event hosted by the brand, the designer’s creations combust religious reverence and romantic temptation, fascinating the audience with their divine delight. Did his garden evoke a sense of growth, just as flowers do?

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Joey Samson presents his new collection, “Secret Garden”, at Bench Fashion Week 2024

A palpable sense of spirituality is infused into every stitch and silhouette of Samson’s collection. The color palette, touched with gold, beige, and cream hues, evokes the serenity of a sacred sanctuary, while the garments themselves flare with spiritual dignity as if reaching toward the heavens. It’s a construct of structure and fluidity, where each piece brings upon peaceful elegance yet exuberates an undeniable vibrancy, one inspired by the quietness of the designer’s atelier, especially when alone. In other words, it’s an introspective collection, one that is silent in its prayer.

On March: Sheer long shirt over white button-down shirt
On Leila: Paisley printed top with stitching detail and pants

“The dressing room is my secret garden because that’s where I cultivate and nourish ideas,” Samson explains with a contemplative gaze. “It’s where I usually talk to myself and discover more about myself and my work.” In these intimate moments with the fluttering fabric and whispered musings of his creations, the designer finds solace and inspiration. The dressing room becomes a sanctuary, a sacred space where the seeds of imagination take root and flourish. Here, through the rustle of garments and the soft glow of dressing room lights, Samson unravels a space of quietude.

On Vince: One shoulder jacket, pinstriped shirt and shorts; On Isabel: Beige bar jacket with a sheer underskirt

Femininity blossoms throughout the collection, manifesting in delicate floral motifs that burst forth with unbridled passion. Yet, this femininity is not confined to traditional boundaries; it goes beyond expectations, embracing both the ethereal and the earthly. There are two that are, in essence, simply floral. When I say floral, I mean, floral.

As if exchanging vows, female models exude bridal beauty, like airy nymphs in a flowery paradise. Tulle patterns, sheer fabrics, and peplum accents adorn their silhouettes. It’s these embellishments that add to the idea of Puritan embrace, especially for the women themselves.

On Taki: White button-down blouse with sheer skirt and tulle accents

Yet, amidst the bridal-inspired splendor, it becomes evident that the true protagonist of this garden of earthly delights is not the blushing bride, but rather the enigmatic figure of Adam. Men strut the runway in short shorts and skirts, their blazers fixated with open sleeves and sometimes even no sleeves.

Each step resonates within the Garden of Eden, where Adam roams with flowers that bloom in his honor. Samson’s collection is one with man; in theory, it is for man. Experimental in its construct, it works in his favor so that it may stand out in its optimism—where does the Samson man go from here? Like flowers, it is lively and lovely. Like flowers, let it grow on his accord.  It is, after all, a record of ownership and belonging, where masculinity and femininity intertwine in a symbiotic act of empowerment and liberation.

On Ji Yong: Matching brocade print top and shorts
On Moss: Blazer, button down, sheer top and skirt

“The ones who really know me would always say, what they like about my work, is it always has historical references or romantic undertones. Be it consciously or subconsciously, it comes out, because it’s a part of who I am, as a designer and creative,” he explains with a knowing smile.

On Yaofa: Oversized capelet

In Samson’s “Secret Garden”, neutrality finds no refuge. Instead, the collection celebrates religious fervor, romantic whimsy, and audacious exuberance. It defies categorization, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in a domain where individuality flourishes like a perennial flower.

On Hazel: Oversized top and metallic pants
On Ana: Nude body suit, structured peplum skirt, and pleated tulle skirt with white floral applique

“What’s important for me is to educate properly as to what fashion really is about,” the designer reveals, his passion evident in every word. “Fashion is education,” he states with a fervent conviction. Samson emphasizes the transformative power of fashion as a vehicle for enlightenment and empowerment.

On Anna: Corset dress with mesh tulle ball-gown skirt

Samson’s “Secret Garden” is a discovery. It beckons the curious to venture deep into its labyrinthine depths, where every twist and turn reveals a new facet of its enchantment. And though its secrets may be revealed, the exploration is far from over, for in the garden of Joey Samson’s creation, every discovery is a revelation unto itself.


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