Better Safe Than Sorry: Juan Medical Takes On More Roles to Help Save Lives

Better Safe Than Sorry: Juan Medical Takes On More Roles to Help Save Lives


It’s always best to take every precaution when dealing with our health, and Juan Medical is with us every step of the way

Let’s face it–the pandemic isn’t exactly ending anytime soon. While we wait for herd immunity, it’s still the smart choice to always take every necessary precaution there is so we won’t endanger ourselves and those around us. Yes, vaccinations give us extra layers of protection, but adding more steps to ensure that is the right way to go. This can be easily done with the help of Juan Medical, formerly known as OneSwab, as they are now expanding to become an all-around medical service care provider to help with concerns relating to COVID-19, as well as other medical services that can easily be done at home.

Humble beginnings

Launched in December 2020, Juan Medical initially had only three main goals: to assist in fighting against the wrath of COVID-19 through mass testing, to decrease the high volume of civilians visiting hospitals, and to simply encourage people to stay at home. Their means of accomplishing these goals consisted of a 15-minute antigen swab and saliva testing, and 12-hour, 24-hour, and 48-hour RT-PCR swab testing that were all done at home.

They saw it coming

Only about three to four months after their launch, the number of positive cases in Metro Manila rose immensely, and Juan Medical founder Niccolo Pizzocheri was far from surprised. According to him, “The surge of cases in the Philippines, and specifically in NCR Plus is something we were prepared for. This is when we decided to expand to Juan Medical. We believe that by letting people stay home, and by offering a range of home service medical needs, we minimize the movement of potentially positive patients, decongest hospitals and Emergency Rooms, and limit contact tracing, and therefore lower the infectious rate in the country.”

As Juan Medical aims to stand as a service arm for hospitals, government facilities, and private corporations, they decided to finally introduce services that also help with concerns outside of COVID-19 by providing online doctor consultations, vaccinations for conditions like pneumonia and the flu, laboratory tests such as blood tests, physical therapy, cleaning and disinfection of services for residential units and office spaces, and trading of medical supplies and antigen kits. They also want to reach more places by expanding their operations in different cities across the country. Juan Medical President Jasmine Bautista said it herself: “Our strength is our dedicated frontliners and staff who are willing to give all that they can to help the country rise above the pandemic. We must focus on what we will be able to do. We believe that by introducing these services, we will help ensure a safer environment.”

Visit their website to know more about how you and your loved ones can remain healthy. For updates, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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