Jumpstart Your Fitness Journey With This Understated Line Of Sportswear

Jumpstart Your Fitness Journey With This Understated Line Of Sportswear


New year, new you? How about a better, if not best you instead? Taking a page from your yearly new lease and clean slate resolutions, H&M is inspiring you to get up and get moving in fitness with its fresh line of functional sportswear.

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The new year brings with it many things: a fresh disposition, a clean slate, and a new lease among many. While it does signify a revelation of what is to come, it also is a testament to things that endure like long-held commitments, necessary changes, and moving stories. In the uplifting scope of the turning of time, many are sworn to being their best selves, starting quite simply with things such as fitness.

Now, resolutions aren’t anything new, of course. In fact, at this point, it is a tired cliche that trails the first month of the year, hoping that it will lead to fortified and formidable habits to turn life around. But as certain as the measure of time is, these resolves tend to wane and lose steam sooner than we would like. So, before fitness becomes some sort of a chore, we turn to points of inspiration that help motivate us to get up and get moving, because really, it isn’t as simple as it sounds. (Cue: strained nods of agreement.)

One way to add a little spring to our fitness step is through fashion. While working out is grueling, you can at least good in the process. That is even before form and definition come into play. As vital as it is in setting the mood of your day, clothes do the same when getting active. This is precisely why sportswear is an entirely different and not to mention, lucrative segment of modern-day fashion. More than that, however, H&M ups the fashion and fitness ante by aiming to inspire everybody to start and keep training in any form.

Whether it’s a hardcore sweat session at the gym, running in the great outdoors, or even clocking in at the yoga studio, it is all about the idea of movement that H&M is espousing this significant first month of the year. Banking on the diversity of training and a sporty lifestyle, the brand has released its spring 2019 H&M Sport collection that carries its signature cool vibe, this time in low-key colors you can easily mix and match with what you already own.  “H&M sportswear is all about function, support and fashion, making you look good while performing at your very best,” says Daniel Herrmann, Marketing Director H&M. “For this season campaign we wanted the DNA and values of our company shine through; a diverse mix of people getting together, having fun and inspiring each other.”

Not one to just run their mouths with all talk, H&M organized a sunset run at the Manila Polo Club to get people in on the mindset of active movement. Under the guidance of the indefatigable Philippine Team Coach, Ani De Leon-Brown, the intimate group of eager fitness enthusiasts and personalities looking to kick start their new year resolutions were treated to a crash on the rigors and proper motions of running. Everything from posture, landing and stride turnover soon became points of practice as everyone gamely ran the course of the track with full force and focus.

With a renewed vigor for fitness, a trove of precise techniques, and naturally, an endorphin-filled fun time, it was clear as the setting of the sun that this wasn’t just a one-time deal for all. In fact, some were already seen applying what they’ve learned in an extended run around the course soon after. This activity didn’t necessarily make new people out of those in attendance, as it actually sparked something that was already in there all along. So, more appropriately, this accorded everyone a leg up in shaping their better, if not best selves yet.

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