A Dream Fulfilled: JV Cruz Injects the Truth as He Opens Up About Getting Facial Fillers

A Dream Fulfilled: JV Cruz Injects the Truth as He Opens Up About Getting Facial Fillers


On his path to realize a childhood dream, JV Cruz shares how Juvéderm® has helped him enhance not just his natural self, but also his mindset when it comes to perceiving beauty

“Why would I go back to my past?” What sounded like a deeply-emotional quip was actually a light-hearted reassurance by JV Cruz of his new self after his experience with Juvéderm®, the world’s leading brand1 in non-surgical, injectable Hyaluronic acid facial fillers. It may be shocking to some to find out that a 28 year-old like JV would undergo such treatment, but the reasons are deeply personal. Eager to share his thought process and experience, I got on a call with JV and dove into his thoughts and connections with the world of aesthetics. 

Deeper than just the surface

As someone regularly in front of the cameras and the public eye, JV has always had an affinity with beauty and aesthetics—strong enough, in fact, that he gets self-conscious. “If I’m with people who look younger or who have smoother skin, it makes me self-conscious.” The 28 year-old hosts events, performs on stage, and networks with beauty aficionados to further his newly-opened business, Massage Luxx Spa. He is always among a crowd of good-looking people, which means comparisons can’t be avoided.

Having appeared in the GMA noontime variety show Eat Bulaga and being around influencers and celebrities with beauty teams, JV is also no stranger to trying out various cosmetics. However, it’s a love-hate relationship: “I always use heavy makeup, so my skin always feels dry and I get breakouts.” It isn’t just with makeup, as JV also reveals that he is highly-attentive to skin care. “I’m actually gullible. If I see a new product or if there’s a product that works well on a friend, I’ll always try it,” he admitted. 

Apart from surface issues, JV pointed out something about his face that has irked him since childhood. “I don’t have a jaw and chin, so I always have a baby face. My face is round, but I would like to have a little maturity—to have a more masculine look. That has always been my dream.” This isn’t something topicals can address, which is why he turned to fillers for a solution. However, he wasn’t gullible when it came to this. Admitting to looming doubt and fear of going under the knife when it came to fillers, JV took the initiative to educate himself on what actually happens during the procedure, alongside clinic consultations. 

“I thought the fillers were surgical. I searched on Google, asked my friends who underwent fillers, and I found out that it was an easy process. That’s how my mind was opened to fillers and skin procedures I can do to improve my skin.”

JV Cruz on clearing up the misconceptions and stigma around facial fillers

Through the recommendation of his doctor, Dr. Ma. Christina Tanciangco-Javier, JV landed on Juvéderm® Volux as his facial filler of choice. Apart from being a top-pick to define his jawline and contour his chin to compliment his natural facial structure, what sold Juvéderm® Volux to JV was the longevity: “I arrived at Juvéderm® because of its lasting period of 18 to 24 months. That is what convinced me to go for this product.”

Trusting the process

Prepping for the big day was no sweat for JV. Having done adequate research beforehand, and trusting the expert hands of Dr. Javier, all the actor had to do was avoid alcohol for a couple of days and be on time for his appointment. When the preparations began like applying topical anesthesia, JV even found time to squeeze some work in. That’s how calm and collected he was during the whole process. “While waiting for the anesthesia to take effect, I attended meetings, called my business, my staff,” he shared.

The procedure itself wasn’t as dramatic as his presumption a year or so ago. “Marks were placed on where Dr. Javier would inject Juvéderm®, then the procedure started.”

“The procedure was really quick—I thought at first it was a major operation, but it was really easy. It was like I went into a clinic and got a facial.”

JV Cruz, sharing his first impressions right after getting Juvéderm® Volux

The relief, however, was followed by some concern from JV. The immediate reaction of the body to changes can look worrisome, but JV knew to be patient and observant. “Honestly, during the first night, I was a bit worried that the fillers were too obvious. My face changed. It didn’t seem fit. But I knew it was just swollen, so my face showed two or three times the effect.” After three days, the swelling subsided and his jawline and chin got a new definition that isn’t raising any red flags. It’s subtle enough to not be the center of attention, but still noticeable enough to enhance the features you want to highlight. “You can definitely spot it if you compare before and after pictures, but my jaw and chin doesn’t scream at you,” JV explained.

An outsider’s first impressions

For such a busy person like JV—managing a business while taking bookings for shows and events—life never slows down. Right after his procedure, JV didn’t even have a day off as he had an important event to attend that night. It was a risky move for someone who is admittedly conscious of his appearance, but it was an opportunity for JV to get some genuine first reactions to him getting facial fillers. “My business partner of 10 years immediately noticed that something had changed about my face. ‘You look like Johnny Bravo,’ he told me. But after two days, we met each other again and he told me, ‘Your natural face is showing, and your new look suits you.”

It isn’t hard to get people noticing your features, especially if you’re like JV who confidently flaunts their face on camera and on Instagram and Facebook. It’s a new-found sense of confidence that he is happily enjoying today. Being open about his experience online has also got his close friends and relatives talking—curious to find out how they too can enhance their features with Juvéderm®. “I have a lot of friends who are interested in trying, but I also have friends who have asked me, ‘Why did you do that? You don’t need that.’ They don’t understand, so I explain to them my personal reasons… and I’m happy that people are opening up to enhancing themselves,” JV shared.

“I didn’t know about facial fillers back then, so now that I’m more knowledgeable about it, I share my experience with people who ask me about it because I was in their place before.”

JV Cruz on the importance of being open about experiences with others

If he can’t convince people to consider facial fillers for themselves, JV is still proud to be able to at least share his past and his motives. At times, it’s even a conversation starter when people bring it up. But for his more conservative relatives, he often passes his experiences through jokes, like “I’m tired of diets,” while still injecting the fact that it isn’t a permanent alteration or a major surgical operation. Nothing lasts forever, even the fillers themselves. But in the end, what’s important for JV is that he made the educated decision for himself—a seemingly everlasting boost in his self-confidence that beats his always-conscious mindset, and a boost in his business by improving his interpersonal relationships.

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Quotes in this article have been directly translated to English.

This article is funded by Allergan Aesthetics, an AbbVie Company. Adverse events should be reported to [email protected] and the local Allergan office.
Allergan Healthcare Philippines, Inc. 21F, Robinsons Cyberscape Beta, Ruby & Topaz Roads, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1605. DATE APPROVED: JULY 2022. PH-JUV-220063

*All before and after images were taken one month post treatment. Patient provided consent to have photos taken. Images provided courtesy of Allergan Aesthetics, an AbbVie company and Dr. Ma. Christina Tanciangco-Javier. Individual patient results may vary. Images for illustration purposes only. Patient received Juvéderm® VOLUMA ® and Juvéderm® VOLUX ®.

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