K-Pop Group ENHYPEN is the New Ambassador of BYS

K-Pop Group ENHYPEN is the New Ambassador of BYS


Yup, you heard that right! K-Pop boy group ENHYPEN is now the newest skincare ambassador of BYS. Learn more about it here.

Over the past few years, BYS has housed some of the biggest names as their skincare ambassadors. In 2020, they announced Park Seo Joon as the first international ambassador of BYS Philippines’ skincare line. A year later, Hwang In Youp joined the family, bringing in his natural boyish charm and radiant skin. After two years since welcoming their first international skincare ambassador, BYS is ready to up the ante by including one of the biggest K-Pop boy groups of this generation.

During the final leg of BYS Fashion Week, General Manager of iFace, Angie Goyena, gave a speech to wrap up the event. Not only did she thank all those who helped out, but she also had a very special announcement towards the end. With much glee, Angie Goyena shared the news of ENHYPEN’s ambassadorship under BYS’ skincare line.

This means that members Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon, and Ni-ki will be representing BYS Philippines in their future campaigns. The Australian-based beauty brand has an extensive list of skincare, and we’re guessing they will be releasing their own line of products that will be endorsed by the boys, much like what they did with their former ambassadors. One can only wonder at this point.

To know more about ENHYPEN’s ambassadorship under BYS Cosmetics Philippines, check out their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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