Kaayo Launches Its Resort Collection

Kaayo Launches Its Resort Collection


Wear something unique to the beach this summer! You’ll be supporting this indigenous tribe with every fashionable purchase.

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Supporting local is more than just a trend–– it’s a shift towards patriotism and a mutually beneficial exchange. When we buy local, we’re not only getting products at a great price, but we’re also supporting fellow Filipinos thrive in their business. This could be your neighbor who has a small Ube pandesal business or it could be the indigenous tribes from miles away. Everyone is striving and working hard to make ends meet during a two year pandemic.

Kaayo Resort showcases their silk rushed sarong skirts paired with woven tops in plain and printed tops in their resort collection

That’s why when Kaayo Resort set out a plan to create a collection of pieces made by the skillful hands of Mindanao weavers, they knew it held a bigger purpose. During the pandemic, many of us found solace at sea. Thus, a handful of people moved to the provinces to live a life by the ocean.

The new Kaayo resort collection features tiered skirts and dresses in a mix of fabrics.

At the same time, there were many businesses closing down. A lot of people lost their jobs and were finding ways to earn during such difficult times. Kaayo Resort bridged the gap between the two cultural phenomenons by providing opportunities for weavers to cater to the new islander market.

The collection took years in the making testing what worked and what did not. All they knew for sure was that it was all a part of the grand scheme of things. They had a vision in mind, a plan of action. They just had to see it through. In the end, they were able to create multi-functional swimwear pieces that have Mindanao weaves and intricate hand beading.

Kaayo Resort prides their new collection with hand beaded pieces from indigenous tribes in Tiboli

You can now browse through their collection of bespoke limited edition pieces that you can proudly wear on your next weekend getaway. Wear their cover-ups in the same Tinalak inspired prints but in different fabrics – silk ruched sarong skirts, the perfect silk tent dresses and a cover-up skirt. You can also dress up in one of a kind kaftans by their Ilocos Sabangan weavers with beads from the Tboli tribe of Lake Sebu. There are plenty of options to choose from in the new Kaayo Resort 2022 collection.

Head on over to their website for the full collection. You may now purchase their Resort samples at www.kaayoph.com or message Kaayo Resort on Instagram. They have new pieces coming in every week.

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