Kaila Estrada Dishes Her Special Diet For The #MEGAMillennialBall

Kaila Estrada Dishes Her Special Diet For The #MEGAMillennialBall


Find out how Kaila Estrada achieved the perfect “Maximum Exposure” figure for the #MEGAMillennialBall!
If you follow Kaila Estrada on her social media accounts, you would know that she isn’t so different from any of us. She cheats on her diet and constantly updates her followers about anything she’s up to. Among all her updates, we find results of her workout and diet routine. Wonder how she achieved that figure? We got quick diet tips from Kaila herself!

MEGAStyle cover girl Kaila Estrada is all about sensual chic wearing a Rosbert Villar creation. She struts down the #MEGAMillennialBall red carpet in a nude embellished backless gown. Showing off just the right amount of skin fit for the theme “Maximum Exposure”, Kaila stuns everyone at the ball. The 22-year-old did not hesitate to share her diet secrets with red carpet correspondent Michelle Dee.

All Out Of Carbs

Kaila said goodbye to carbs for two good months. The influencer-model shared that she ate everything but carbs during her diet period. Talk about determination! But she didn’t stop at carbs as she adds that she also skipped sweets for a time as well. Now, you know what to do to achieve that Kaila Estrada glow!
Want to know more from Kaila herself? Watch the video below for the exclusive #MEGAMillennialBall red carpet interview with correspondent Michelle Dee:

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