Karen Davila and Korina Sanchez Discover a Newfound Connection

Karen Davila and Korina Sanchez Discover a Newfound Connection


After years of alleged rivalry, the two broadcasters finally put the rumors to rest and form a relationship through the common roles they play

In an industry where competition is right around the corner, people in the media have this unspoken motivation to always be better and do better. It’s not about the people around them, but more about the changing times and growing needs of the audience. 

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As veterans in the world of broadcasting, both Karen Davila and Korina Sanchez are no strangers to how the industry works. In the latter’s recent vlog, the two finally talk about living in one area, Karen’s history as a broadcaster, and how the management of ABS-CBN gave them their own spotlights. Newsflash: there has never been any bad blood between the two! People just like to talk. 

With Korina five years her senior, Karen revealed during the interview that she has always looked up to the broadcaster in her show, Gising. Before working in ABS-CBN, she actually started as a correspondent for GMA. 

Aside from their exchange on being news anchors, mothers, and wives, they also talked about Karen’s life story. The journalist revealed that fashion design was her true passion, but with the help of her professor and the guidance of her father, Karen saw the appeal in Mass Communication and, later on, in being a broadcaster. 

Lastly, they also discussed the changing landscape of news reporting, as well as the audience’s media consumption. “The Internet has equalized everyone,” Karen noted. “Viewing habits have definitely changed. In many parts of the world na talagang ang Internet is everywhere and costs very little, talagang they really watch online.” 

Teasing each about their respective YouTube channels, Korina pointed out, “Sabi nga nila the best thing you can teach your child is adaptability to change.”

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