Kate Spade New York Brings a Pop of Energy and Confidence in the World of Fragrance

Kate Spade New York Brings a Pop of Energy and Confidence in the World of Fragrance


This well-loved fashion brand takes you on an olfactory journey through Paris and New York with their alluring and energetic collection of fragrances

Life is filled to the brim with vast wonders we wish we could just bottle up, put it in our pockets, and save it for a rainy day. Experiencing fascinating places, meeting extraordinary people—those are some of the phenomena in life we wish we could revisit over and over again. That’s the beauty of fragrances. They’re essences in a bottle, your very own teleportation device or time machine. A bottle of fragrance is a magical concoction of the little wonders in life, able to take you back to places you’ve been before or letting you experience it for the first time.

Crafting these little wonders is Kate Spade New York, a mainstay in the fashion industry for their feminine and optimistic designs in handbags, ready-to-wear apparel, and jewelry. However, they have more stories to tell with their fragrances—stories of playful adventures, exciting city life, and the very core of the brand.

Kate Spade New York fragrance Chérie

A French escapade 

In the quaint days of Spring 2023, Kate Spade New York introduced a vibrant and fresh story with their fragrance Chérie. Translating to “sweetheart” or “dearest” in French, the refreshing fragrance takes the brand’s joyful aura to the romantic towns of Paris. It’s an energetic addition to their already playful collection of scents, especially with the distinct influences of pop art from the scent down to its bottle.

Master perfumer Louise Turner strived to craft an olfactory expression of her very own luminous and elevating personal style. Opening with a scrumptious redcurrant and raspberry top note, Chérie is also infused with the citrus flavors of Italian mandarin. The heart note took a turn to flowers with a subtle combination of sweet pea and jasmine sambac. To tie it all together, the drydown is a balanced fusion of white woods and Ambrofix® as comforting musks engulf the rich notes, reflecting the gentle femininity and energy Kate spade New York embodies.

Kate Spade New York fragrance Sparkle

The sparkling cityscapes

The brand continues their fragrance story as their second chapter opens within the concrete jungle of bustling New York City. Paying homage to Kate spade New York’s signature scent in 2020, Sparkle introduces a new facet to the brand’s fruity and floral original fragrance that exuded femininity and elegance. The newest iteration welcomes a sensual and empowering energy in celebration of every captivating and confident Kate Spade New York woman. 

“I wanted to create a fragrance that recalls the magic of the lights in New York and how the city seems to sparkle in the night,” perfumer Louise Turner explained. “I remember being in the city years ago, as the sun was going down, sipping a delicious blackcurrant cosmopolitan, a gigantic bouquet of peonies placed on the table and smelling the lingering scent of a vanilla crème brûlée that had been delivered to a nearby table—all the scents came together in such an impactful and memorable way.”

Wanting to truly captivate the exuberant and addictive spirit of New York City, Sparkle opens with a crisp blackcurrant note, emphasized by Italian lemon and frosted pink peppercorn for that delicious mix of freshness and spice. An alluring bouquet of purple peonies and hawthorns then blossoms at the heart of the fragrance. Lastly, a compelling and sensual blend of cedar and oakwood extracts mix in with a creamy vanilla crème brûlée note for the drydown.

Kate Spade New York Fragrance

Going back to the roots

From stories of adventures from across the globe, Kate Spade New York now wishes to tell the story of who they are. A fragrance aptly named Kate Spade New York, the scent is the physical embodiment of the beloved American fashion brand. It features the effeminate and sunny essence of the brand, giving it a modern and bright portrayal.

In order to fully represent the fashion brand, the fragrance is an energetic and graceful scent. Perfumer Marie Salamagne even explained how she paid tribute to the colorful and carefree character of a wild strawberry. “My objective was to capture the unique scent of this lush and extremely elegant red fruit to feature joyful femininity, sublimated by gorgeous rose essence, the queen of flowers,” she shared. 

The top note opens up a clean and citrusy union of bergamot and sweet wild strawberry that fittingly represents optimism and happiness. The floral heart of rose essence and freesia then captures the delicate femininity of every Kate Spade New York woman. Lastly, ambroxan and cashmeran radiate a woody depth to the fragrance, giving it that intensity and confidence.

For their holiday campaign, the beloved brand welcomes actress and dancer Maddie Ziegler as the face of the Kate Spade New York fragrance. Depicting a free-spirited woman in their campaign shot against the famous New York City skyline, it reflects the inclusiveness, unconventionality and confidence that Kate Spade New York has embraced ever since its foundation in 1993. 

Discover a whole new world through Kate Spade New York’s colorful collection of fragrances. For more information, you can visit their website.

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