This Brand’s Spring 2019 Collection Is Sure To Spark Joy In Your Wardrobe

This Brand’s Spring 2019 Collection Is Sure To Spark Joy In Your Wardrobe


The new collection is all about “optimistic femininity”.

25 years ago, Kate Spade took the market by a storm with pieces that fused simplicity and elegance. With collections that carry positivity in designs, the brand has only been coming up with pieces that celebrate femininity. With the debut of creative director Nicola Glass, the Kate Spade Spring 2019 collection is sure to spark joy in your wardrobe. Adding her own signature to the brand’s core DNA, Glass continues the brand’s heritage about optimistic femininity.

“Empowered, confident dressing with an easy, sunny sensibility,” as they would call it. “Kate Spade has always been a healthy and powerful brand with a positive message of helping women express themselves through fashion. The brand celebrates that it’s great to be a woman,” Glass adds. The Kate Spade Spring 2019 collection features pieces that nod to the ’70s and ’40s, adding modernity to the designs. Saturated solids and unexpected combinations of colors carry a unique print language featuring the spade—the signature mark of the house—seen as a design element throughout. “The spade has endless possibilities,” Glass explains. She innovated the brand’s heritage with a more modern, less retro approach and a sense of polished simplicity.

This is Why Kate Spade’s Legacy Will Live On

“It’s both sophisticated and youthful, with an air of sensuality,” Glass adds. Experience the collection up close with both overt and subtle details on the patterns, cutouts, and functional hardware. “Not everything is visible at first glance,” she explains. Mix and match the collections—ready-to-wear pieces, handbags, and jewelry—for effortless day to night transitions.

The Kate Spade Spring 2019 collection only features pieces that are meant to spark joy in every woman’s wardrobe just like how the late Kate Spade has envisioned them to. Check out the looks from the collection on the gallery below:

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