KathNiel Has Gone to Places in their Decade-Long Relationship

KathNiel Has Gone to Places in their Decade-Long Relationship


Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, known together as KathNiel, continues to take on the world hand in hand.

One of the best ways to get to know someone, whether it’d be your family, a friend, or significant other, is by traveling. Budgeting money, planning the itinerary, and handling possible setbacks are just a few things that will show how you and your travel buddy can compromise well.

As a reel and real pairing for a decade, Kathryn and Daniel know each other like the back of their hands. Of course, that’s what happens when you work in projects for so long.

But perhaps one of the secrets to their long-lasting relationship is getting to know each other as they visit different sites holding each other’s hand. There’s a different level of knowing your partner when you try things together.

A piece of advice—whether it’s another country or just a short out-of-town trip, go see the world out there with your significant other! There’s a whole lot of adventure out there for two.

With that, let’s look back on some destinations Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla have gone to in their 10 years as a couple.

Spain, 2016

Barcelona propelled KathNiel’s transition into projects with more mature characters and storylines. Initially traveling to the country for their movie, the couple also had time to stroll and take a cute snap of their present and possibly future selves!

Palawan, 2017

For Kathryn’s 21st birthday, she visited El Nido for the first time with Daniel. They also brought a few of their friends to join their fun!

Japan, 2018

This may not be their first time traveling to their favorite country (they first did in 2015!), but they surely made good memories with their family and friends in this trip! As Japan National Tourism Organization’s ambassadors, they tried different activities such as glass designing and cooking okonomiyaki.

Morocco, 2019

Based on the dates, the trip is just in time for their 7th anniversary! Truly a beatuiful place for the beautiful couple. For Kathryn, the random stopovers meant as much as their destinations.

Iceland, 2019

First setting foot in it for their Making MEGA in Iceland shoot, Kathryn and Daniel decided to comeback to Iceland in 2019 for a different kind of adventure. They even saw the Northern Lights during their first night!

Paris, 2019

It may be an eight-hour layover, but Kathryn and Daniel finally saw the Eiffel Tower together! In 2014, Kathryn went to Paris for the first time for her extended debut celebration.

Thailand, 2022

For their 10th anniversary celebration, Daniel gave in to Kathryn’s request to come back to Thailand and share a bath with elephants. Both nature and animal lovers, the couple surely had the time of their lives in the country.

Where could KathNiel’s next destination be?

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