Kathryn Bernardo Gets a Sweet Surprise From Her Brother, Kevin

Kathryn Bernardo Gets a Sweet Surprise From Her Brother, Kevin


The actress deserves the good things in life, including a sweet surprise from her family

Things are only looking up for one Kathryn Bernardo this year. Whether it’s making new memories with her family in their new home or spending more time with her friends, her new slate is filling up with good energy and positive vibes so far. And recently, the actress unlocked another core memory, this time with her brother Kevin and his own family. 

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Photo: KATHRYN BERNARDO (via Instagram)

In a post shared by Shannen Kirstie Tan, the partner of Kathryn’s brother, their little family surprised their relatives with their arrival to the Philippines. The series of reactions included the actress’ heartwarming reaction. She was having her nail session when she saw her brother and his family in the flesh, and elicited a big and surprised response. Apart from Kathryn, their mother, Min, also got surprised with their homecoming. Their second sibling, Kaye, had her own shocked reaction for the arrival of their only brother. 

Just recently, the Bernardo family has moved into their new place in Rizal. Calling it their dream home, the construction of the property took three years. Apart from this new milestone, Kathryn also invested in a number of businesses—KathNails, The Glow Up Lounge, Barbero Blues, Bear Bites PH, and Isla Amara Boutique Resort. In 2021, the blockbuster star’s mother surprised her with her very own studio. 

This year, she continues her acting career with another film on the way called Elena 1944, her reunion project with director Olivia Lamasan. According to her hairstylist John Valle, she also has four upcoming endorsements. 

Featured Image: KATHRYN BERNARDO (via Twitter)

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