Kathryn Bernardo, Julia Montes, and Alden Richards Give Us a Fresher Take on Teasers

Kathryn Bernardo, Julia Montes, and Alden Richards Give Us a Fresher Take on Teasers


Kathryn, Julia, and Alden show us how to keep fans and viewers on their toes for A Very Good Girl and Five Breakups and a Romance

There are many ways to make someone want to anticipate an upcoming film or series, and teasers are one of them. By definition, the word means to capture the audience and pull them in for that peek through the possibilities. When they’re just about to get lost into this new world, we push them back enough to leave them wanting more. And while past ones have offered their own ways of reeling us in to check out a particular movie or series, Kathryn Bernardo, Julia Montes, and Alden Richards bring us into their realities for their upcoming projects. 

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Julia Montes teaser Five Breakups and a Romance
Photo: JULIA MONTES (via Instagram)

The impact of their names, of course, is undeniable. To some, this is enough reason to check out the movie, much less rave about it. But for A Very Good Girl and Five Breakups and a Romance, these teasers have found a way of somewhat detaching these actors’ established influence and offering us their characters themselves. 

Getting up close and personal

In one of Kathryn Bernardo’s recent posts, Philo took over her TikTok and recorded herself narrating the premise of her plans. With this promo tactic coming after the release of their usual trailer and poster releases, A Very Good Girl is now pushing for relatability. The actress, as her character, breaks the fourth wall of the dimension she is in and makes us feel that she is one of us as she tells her story. 

@bernardokath There are some people who really think they can treat people like this and get away with it? Not this time. 🌹😉 #AVeryGoodGirl ♬ original sound – Kath Bernardo

With the booming of TikTok as a platform where information is easier to get and give, we feel like the character is in our midst, taking us with her in her journey.  In Philo’s case, it’s her comeback to the country with revenge on our side. And unlike curated trailers in their cut scenes and overlaid with mood music, Kathryn’s “method acting” feels unstaged and natural. She is around us, like a friend, and we are not just watching her story unfold—we are also living in it. 

Walking into a private conversation

During the movie announcement conference for Five Breakups and a Romance, writer and director Irene Emma Villamor raved about the so-called unconventional chemistry of the main leads, Julia Montes and Alden Richards. “Nakaka-excite makita paano nila bubuhayin ‘yung mga characters sa script,” remarked Villamor.

A few days ago, we finally saw Lance and Justine in the flesh through Alden and Julia, respectively. Watching the confrontation scene between the two feels like we walked into an intimate conversation between lovers, and maybe that’s what the teaser is aiming for. If that is, then it achieves its effect of alienating us while we are privy to their secrets. 

This teaser, its sudden drop sans the curated trailer, gives us a realer interpretation of what is going on between the characters of Alden and Julia. Though it is similar to Philo’s in terms of its raw vibe, this one is a communication between two people, but with us watching. The intrigue we are getting from their conversation eases us into wanting more, especially with the restraint reimagined by the characters. After all, in real life, we enjoy a little glimpse into the lives of others as well. 


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