Kathryn Bernardo Wears the Creations of These Filipino Designers For Every Occasion

Kathryn Bernardo Wears the Creations of These Filipino Designers For Every Occasion


Kathryn is elevating her fashion sense courtesy of these Filipino designers

With her two decades in show business, Kathryn Bernardo knows what it takes to be booked and busy with fashion involved. Just like her roster of her projects, she has gone through different stages in solidifying her style. Away from her star duties, she likes a chic yet relaxed outfit, but when she has her actress mode on, she is known for her polished feminine looks. 

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Photo: KATHRYN BERNARDO (via Instagram)

With her status, luxury pieces from international names have become a staple in her wardrobe. In fact, she even shared a number of her favorite bags in one vlog! But did you know that some of her standout looks are when she’s proudly wearing Filipino-designed pieces? With that, MEGA Entertainment rounds up these moments, and who knows? Maybe you’ll find yourself visiting the boutiques and ateliers of these designers, too.

Fashion your business in Carl Jan Cruz 

The undone feel in Cruz’s pieces must be the reason why his pieces have a sense of easiness to them. When you’re at work, you need confidence and comfort to go hand-in-hand in what you’re wearing. If your responsibilities are already hard enough, don’t add clothing to your problem. Just like in one of her celebrity duty days, you can cop the actress’ style with her coordinated a-line top and skirt set. 

Kathryn Bernardo business Jaggy Glarino fashion style
Photo: DANAE VERNISSE DIPON (via Instagram)

Flair your creative casual in Jaggy Glarino

While some believe that casual attires do not have to be loud, who said you can’t make a statement out of simplicity? The A Very Good Girl top biller recently made rounds to promote the newest film, and her outfits were casual yet fun. She paired her white cropped shirt—with a DIY stitching of stylist Danae Vernisse Dipon—with Jaggy Glarino trousers that had some side ruffles. Adding layers through pockets, strings, ruffles, and prints on prints is very Jaggy, and his design DNA can fit seamlessly into casualwear as well. 

Kathryn Bernardo casual Jaggy Glarino fashion style
Photo: RJ DELA CRUZ (via Instagram)

Add edge to your travel in Marian Zara

Deconstructed fabrics and forms are Marian’s trademark, and if there’s anywhere you can bring that style, it’s in your travels. While Kathryn brought hers in the launch of the latest Star Magic Catalogue, her zipped top and Versace pin-inspired baggy bottoms will blend well in the streets of New York or Shibuya.

Kathryn Bernardo streetstyle Marian Zara occasion party wear designer
Photo: MARIAN ZARA (via Instagram)

Party with femme fatale energy in Bonita Penaranda

The designer is known for the sultry vibe that her corsets and creations bring out to those who don them, and the actress is no exception to the Bonita effect. In Marian Rivera’s party last year, Kathryn graced the occasion with the corset’s closing in front, creating a reverse moment that is equal parts playful and sexy. 

Marian Rivera Party at occasion Bonita Penaranda designer
Photo: KATHRYN BERNARDO (via Instagram)

Modernize formal elegance in Martin Bautista

The flowing effect of Bautista’s designs stems from drapings and stringed embellishments, and Kathryn’s latest look is a youthful yet classic take on a glamorous awards night ensemble. With a country known for defying age, South Korea was the perfect location for donning a fresh iteration of a red carpet look. 

Kathryn Bernardo Outstanding Asian Star award at the Seoul International Drama Awards 2023 at occasion Martin Bautista designers
Photo: JOHN VALLE (via Instagram)


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