To Her Ultimate and Beyond: Kelly Misa-Fernandez Takes Charge of Her 40s With Confidence and Intentionality

To Her Ultimate and Beyond: Kelly Misa-Fernandez Takes Charge of Her 40s With Confidence and Intentionality


Model, writer, and social media personality Kelly Misa-Fernandez proves how life is not limited to one proud moment because the next great thing is always within reach

As the saying goes, our life is a movie and the world is our stage. From the moment we are brought into this world, the curtains go up and the cameras start rolling. But unlike actors, not only are we seen in front of the cameras, but we are behind the scenes at the same time. We are, after all, the directors, producers, and the protagonists of this spectacular and complex show we call life.

For model, writer, and content creator Kelly Misa-Fernandez, her show is one of fame, glamor, and adventures to far off lands. However, it is also a story of growth, transformation, and unending curiosity.

The Makings of Kelly: The Prequel

At an early age, the idea of show business has already captured the interest of young Kelly, thanks to her dad who dipped his toes in the industry through television commercials. Seeing her father appear on TV ultimately inspired her to enter that specific line of work. 

“I was always so proud of him whenever I would see him on TV. So, I think that sort of sparked my interest into becoming a model,” Kelly fondly remembers. After countless castings and auditions, she finally got her first commercial gig when she was eighteen years old and her modeling career steadily flourished, especially after landing her first lead role in a commercial.

Years later, she then ventured into writing when she was invited to do a beauty column for a local lifestyle magazine. But opportunities for Kelly didn’t end there as another door finally opened for her, and this led straight to a noontime TV show for six years, further solidifying her presence in the spotlight. However, her narrative was headed for a minor setback due to the pandemic that put her noontime show on pause.

During the course of the lockdown and up until the present, Kelly steered into social media and content creation, further expanding her knowledge about the media, the limelight, and everything in between. Although the pandemic gave Kelly time for self-discovery and self-improvement, she also admits that that curiosity never stopped when the world resumed back to normal.

“Right now, you’re at this time, day, and age where you can do everything and you’re not just in one box… During the pandemic, it sort of sparked a lot of interest in people, like ‘I could actually do that because I have more time now.’ And I never lost that [interest]. I still want to do that,” she confesses. Much like a heroine in a fantastical movie, Kelly used her curiosity to explore and discover the wonders of the world and herself because for her, there’s so much more to do out there.

“When I modeled and started traveling all around Asia, I felt ‘Okay, I made it. This is it. This is like being at the peak of my career.’ But I think it’s hard to think of it that way. Like I said, because there’s always so much to learn. And the landscape is forever changing,” she says.

“We can’t stop being curious and having that passion because life shouldn’t just be what it is. There’s so much more that we can do.”

Kelly on having that unending hunger for self-improvement

In a State of Flux

It’s ironic how the only constant in this life is change. But with change also comes growth, and with growth comes wisdom. Our lives are ever-changing landscapes, and Kelly’s is no exception to that. Career-wise, her paths may have shifted in more ways than one, but those were all ways she used to her advantage. However, her career wasn’t the only aspect that was subjected to change.

“For my 20s, it was so happy-go-lucky, like I can just chill and work when I want, you know what I mean? My 30s was more like embracing responsibilities and having these milestones. And now that I’m in my 40s, I think it’s more like getting settled into what has happened,” Kelly elaborates, sharing how her outlook on life has constantly changed.

Certain stages of our lives might pass by like montages in the movies that we sometimes forget that our bodies are changing along with it. Most of the time, we’re too preoccupied with everything going on that we barely notice what’s happening on the inside and out. For Kelly, it somehow felt like she woke up and she’s suddenly 40.

“During my 20’s, I was like ‘40? That’s so long from now, that’s not my problem.’ Now, it’s actually becoming real, lalo na siguro if I turn 50. That’s gonna really be like ‘okay midlife.’ But yeah, [growing older] is a scary thought,” the model admits. However, she never fails to inject some positivity to the thought. “I think age is just a number and we can look and feel young if we want to,” she proudly declares.

Taking Control of The Narrative

When we were younger, we’ve always dreamed about growing up and doing the things we’ve always longed for when we finally become adults. With aging comes major life changes, and this is something Kelly has admittedly expressed her worries to. 

“Actually, it does scare me, aging,” she confides. Although immortality is no such thing, we can always guide ourselves into aging as gracefully as possible by taking care of ourselves. After all, extrinsic beauty is first and foremost a reflection of how well we prioritize our inner workings. 

“I’m trying to be positive about [aging] and be like yes, that will come, but I’m not in a hurry and I’m going to do everything to slow it down… Because my son is eight years old, and I see him growing up. And for me, that is a constant reminder of how old I am getting and also it’s a reminder that I have to be at optimum health,” Kelly interjects. She follows this by explaining how this positive outlook motivated her to prioritize self-care through being consistent with exercise, having a healthy diet, and being consistent in taking her supplements.

“You can think okay, ‘I’m in my 40s, I’m so old. It’s over for me.’ Or you can think ‘I’m only 40 years old and I have so much more that I want to do, explore, and more experiences to come.'”

Kelly on having a young mindset and looking at aging on a positive note

“I think it’s the bare minimum for you to be healthy, and of course I take my supplements—Myra Ultimate. That is also a big, big deal. I take my supplements because what we eat isn’t enough. I know that without it, we’re lacking in certain vitamins and minerals that we need to stay beautiful, especially for us women,” she explains. 

Kelly’s life has been subjected to certain expectations from society, especially when it comes to beauty standards, given that she’s been living in the limelight for almost two decades now. Beauty has been and always will be a major factor when it comes to the entertainment industry, not to mention the added pressures when a woman reaches a certain age. Although Kelly is well aware of this fact, she has her way of looking at beauty in the industry in a different light.

“I try not to make [beauty] in a superficial way. I try to involve health… I know that I’m healthy when my skin is clear. I know I’m healthy when my hair is a little bit thicker, it’s not falling out…When I started focusing more on health, that’s when I looked at my photos and I saw that my eyes sparkled more. Beauty is more than skin deep anyways,” she shares.

When we truly value something, we protect it in every way that we can—we put our most precious necklace in a safe jewelry box or we buy protective casings for our phones. The same goes with our bodies, especially with our skin. A dedicated skincare routine may be essential, but maintaining beauty by addressing it from the inside takes it to greater heights. Swearing by the importance of taking her supplements, the 42-year-old proudly shares how Myra Ultimate has been her most trusted companion throughout the years and evidently so.

“It’s worked so well for me since I was in my 30s. And now that I’m in my 40s, I’m glad that it still provides me with the same feeling of being healthy and feeling well, and I love that. I love that it’s catered to women… I really make it a point to take it every day because I feel like we should be consuming more of the vitamins and minerals and fill in the gaps that are missing. And that helps make us healthier and more beautiful,” the model explains.

“There are so many different kinds of beauty that it isn’t just [limited to] one box. It isn’t just one standard lang.”

Kelly on her perception of beauty

Made with astaxanthin, lycopene, and vitamin E, Myra Ultimate focuses on reducing the first signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. Loved by women for over 40 years now, Myra has a deep understanding of what women need specifically when it comes to their skin. 

“Like I said, if there is a way to stop aging and stop it in its tracks or slow it down, then I will be doing it and I’ve noticed that it has really worked for me. I have never gotten Botox in my life. I have never done any cosmetic surgery, which I have nothing against. But I’m trying to do the more natural route and I think it has worked for me,” she clarifies.

Reaching Ultimate Heights

Through every milestone and challenge, Kelly admits that her life is filled with proud moments—from her first lead role in a commercial, her first big article, and her time as a Television show host. One might think that the glitz and glamor might be her magnum opus, her peak, her ultimate version. But for Kelly herself, it’s much simpler yet more meaningful than that.

“I used to think that the glam version of me is the ultimate version of me. But actually, I think the ultimate version of me is how my son sees me,” she affectionately declares. For her son Tristan, the best version of her is the Kelly beneath all the makeup and all the fancy clothing—the true her, the natural her. 

Through his eyes, Kelly is empowered with so much pride and confidence because she knows she is not tied to her age. She knows that she could be well within her adult years and still feel empowered and beautiful. Because this is her story, she is calling all the shots. “I have so much more that I want to do and explore, so many countries to travel to, and so many more experiences to come,” she says with conviction.

“In my 20s or 30s I would have been glammed up and in a glittery gown and big hair or whatever, and that’s ultimate me? No. Now that I’m in my 40s, the ultimate me is the natural me. [It’s] me who I am when I wake up and I’m feeling good, feeling healthy, and I’m living my best life. And [especially] hearing it of course from my son, [then] yeah, that’s the ultimate me,” she proudly declares, knowing her beauty and confidence transcend age—whether she may be in her 40s or beyond.

To some, being well within their adult years might feel like they are way past their climax, about to enter the denouement. While that might hold some truth to it in the best way possible, for Kelly, she knows there’s still a whole world out there to conquer—and nothing is here to stop her.

Enter your 40s confidently and gracefully with Myra Ultimate available through Shopee, Lazada, and leading drugstores nationwide. For more information, you may visit their website and Instagram.

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