Kenzo Finally Arrives In Manila But Why Is It Among Millennials’ Favorite Brand?

Kenzo Finally Arrives In Manila But Why Is It Among Millennials’ Favorite Brand?


One of the favorite luxury brands of the Millenials finally arrives in Manila and we know where you should go to now before the month ends. 

Ever since the majority of the young professionals started to dominate the market having the most buying power, countless companies—especially luxury fashion houses—needed to reframe their narratives so as to attract fresh clientele from the ranks of Gen Zs to Millennials. That’s because compared to the older generation, they bring along their fair share of new demands and beliefs that shift away from the luxury market’s historical consumers.

No matter how prestigious the brand is, what truly matters for Millennials is that they can relate to it—from its image, history, and ideals. Unlike the previous decades, we are more pressed than ever when we hear insensitive discriminatory blunders or actions. Fashion just cannot be deaf tone anymore. (Not that it should have been in the first place.) So, as there is a so-called “seismic shift” accelerating gender-neutral and inclusive trend in the fashion industry, we’re seeing more and more brands that are following suit.

Kenzo Sport Collection

One of the purveyors of this movement is none other than a French luxury fashion house founded in 1970 by the late Japanese designer Kenzo Takada. Despite his untimely passing just a few months ago, the brand is far from slowing down, especially now that it’s under the world leader in luxury, LVMH.

Popping Up In Manila

This November 2020, Kenzo hit a historical milestone in that the French luxury maison established its presence in the Philippines for the very first time. Falling in step with the global concept of the now LVMH-owned brand, its local partner, Noble House, stepped up to the fashion plate to bring in the brand and execute the pop-up to the hilt.


Perfectly timed to the seasonal release of the Kenzo F/W20 Sport collection, the pop-up design renders a young, iconic, and functional niche focus. In fact, this set-up seamlessly aligns with Felipe Oliveira Baptista’s investiture as the newly appointed creative director since his inspiration for the collection itself is inspired by movement, protection, and mobility.

Kenzo Sport Collection


Baptista’s vision for the line wonderfully melds streetwear with functional sportswear as he calls upon the essential features of athletic fabrics in a unique palette, combining the classic sportswear spectrum with unexpected pops of color. Here, the Kenzo logo, which is transformed into an “X,” reveals its distinct identity while the “triple X” graphic delivers a playful element to the range.

But the best thing about this collection just like any other fresh drops of Kenzo is that they offer a wardrobe with strong graphic designs and gender-fluid accents as well as technical and functional materials that come together to simultaneously provide elegance and comfort. So this, is exactly what the younger consumers always look for—a perfect balance of art and social awareness—which Kenzo provides.

The Kenzo pop-up will be open in Greenbelt 5 until November 30, 2020, and its daily operations hours are 11:00 AM–8:00 PM.

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