Kenzo’s Spring 2023 Collection Takes Us Back To Graduation Day

Kenzo’s Spring 2023 Collection Takes Us Back To Graduation Day


Nigo’s Spring 2023 Womens and Mens Collection for Kenzo was a celebration of collegiate days.

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Kenzo is almost completely back to its roots all because of Japanese designer, Nigo. Since the very beginning, Kenzo has been a Japanese brand that has influenced the fashion world in more ways than one. They sourced Japanese denim, implemented Japanese techniques in sewing, and was highly influenced by Tokyo street fashion. As the brand has evolved, so has the styles, techniques, and fabrics used. This has definitely helped the brand improve and branch out to different markets, but there’s a certain sense of sentimentality that is latched on to its Japanese upbringing.

For the Spring 2023 collection, Nigo satisfied our craving for nostalgia in his double graduation. He brought back Japanese denims, techniques, cuts, and the essence of Kenzo. As reported by Toby (Nigo’s trusted tailor), the only thing missing is that the garments are still being made in Paris as opposed to Japan.

More than the post production, the actual 60 piece collection and the set design of the runway show featured recollective elements of collegiate years and graduation. You can even find bits of inspiration from Kenzo Takada’s 1980s sports day show, as well as the iconic graphic tiger designs. There was an even balance between the past Kenzo and their Japanese aesthetic and the new Parisian Kenzo.

More so, one can definitely say that the new collection invoked joyful and youthful sensibilities towards dressing. From the nautical themes to the nostalgic stylings brought by Nigo, it’s definitely a step towards the right direction for the newly appointed Creative Director.

If you’d like to know more about the Kenzo Spring 2023 Womens and Mens collection, check their website and socials here. Watch the full show below:

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