Kim and Clyde Emnace on Their Fluid Art Studio That Connects People

Kim and Clyde Emnace on Their Fluid Art Studio That Connects People


A year after the launch of The Bear Cave, Kim and Clyde Emnace, the heart and soul behind it, are all set to continue painting the town vibrant with their fluid art business

They say the path gets smoother when you’re lost in the moment, and for Kim and Clyde Emnace, this sentiment mirrors their adventure with The Bear Cave since its launch last year. From setting up their first shop in Manila to drawing in notable figures for their fluid art experiences, their venture has been a continuous success story. 

In an exclusive interview with MEGA, the couple opens up about the significance of this milestone and casts a hopeful gaze towards their future goals.

A year of pouring passion

Kim and Clyde Emnace of The Bear Cave

In our conversation with them last July, Kim and Clyde shared their secret to success: ongoing brainstorming sessions to foster their art venture’s expansion. The outcome is clear—a strong, thriving presence in the scene over the past months. “We are genuinely grateful for all the growth we’ve achieved in just a year. It was nothing short of an amazing year with The Bear Cave,” they acknowledged.

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“It was a year of taking a leap of faith, a year of immense growth, and finding life’s greater purpose.” 

Crafting stories

Kim and Clyde Emnace celebrate the first anniversary of their business

In just under a year on the business scene, The Bear Cave has garnered recognition from various brands, publications, and influential figures. However, the couple emphasizes that the true triumph lies in getting the chance to convey their narrative through art. “Sharing our story was the [greatest] takeaway. Seeing them inspired by our humble beginnings, to always remain true to ourselves and to bravely get out of our comfort zone, cliché as it may sound but yes, those were our standout moments.”

Mixing hues, making memories

The Bear Cave celebrates its first-year anniversary

Since launching their brand, the rise of fluid art’s popularity in the country has been evident, leading to the emergence of similar businesses. When asked about staying ahead of the competition, Kim and Clyde highlighted the importance of consistency and staying true to their brand. “We built this safe space so everyone can share and collect moments with their dear ones to get their creativity going. We did not just create The Bear Cave to be a pastime; we created this to be a lifestyle, and that’s what we are here for,” the owners emphasized.

Painting their gratitude

With this remarkable feat, the partners also seized the chance to express gratitude to their friends and family who have been there from the start. And, of course, they extended sincere thanks to all their customers, some of whom turned into friends, for believing in their potential and opening countless opportunities. They made it clear that reaching this milestone was a collective effort, an impossible one without these meaningful connections.

A palette of possibilities

The Bear Cave
The Bear Cave sample art

Like a color gracefully dripping to craft art, the future shines brightly with limitless possibilities for The Bear Cave as Kim and Clyde Emnace remain committed to their core mission of using art to connect people and add vibrancy to lives. Wrapping up with excitement, they shared their aim: “Hopefully, we’ll be opening up more branches in the future and catering to more of your needs online, too. Stay tuned for more!”

Kim and Clyde Emnace

Photos: THE BEAR CAVE FLUID ART STUDIO (via Instagram)

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