Kim Chiu and R’Bonney Gabriel Wore the Same Ombre Gown by Francis Libiran

Kim Chiu and R’Bonney Gabriel Wore the Same Ombre Gown by Francis Libiran


Explore confidence and individuality with Francis Libiran’s Ombre Mermaid Dress, as adorned by Kim Chiu and R’Bonney Gabriel

“Who wore it best?” It’s a phrase that often lies in the implicit judgment accompanying such comparisons. By pitting celebrities or models against each other based on their choice of attire, we inadvertently create a culture that prioritizes conformity over individuality. Fashion becomes a battleground where one’s worth is measured by how closely one adheres to an arbitrary standard of beauty or trendiness. Comparison is not needed, but the celebration of how it can look differently is much appreciated. Such is one case of a Francis Libiran ombre mermaid dress worn by both actress Kim Chiu and former Miss Universe R’Bonney Gabriel.

In celebration of Francis Libiran’s 25th anniversary, Kim Chiu graced the event in the designer’s mermaid dress that epitomized effortless elegance. The dress on her slim figure escalated down with flare tulle that swept the floor as if cleansing the room with her aura. 

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Kim Chiu takes on a subtle and elegant approach

The luxurious diamonds played a supporting role, adding a subtle spark that pierced the darkness without overshadowing the main act. The jewelry, naturally attuned to the ombre nature of the dress, complemented each other. In this way, the dress was a match made with this chinita princess. 

Meanwhile, at the San Francisco Fashion Festival, where the designer etched history as the first Filipino global brand to showcase its collection at the Ferry Building, R’Bonney Gabriel emanated an air reminiscent of a glamorous sea enchantress, compelling the attention of onlookers like a siren drawing in unsuspecting admirers. Her presence carried a sensual charisma, enhanced by the deep hues of her makeup and the darkness of her jewelry.

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Kim Chiu and R'Bonney Gabriel in Matching Francis Libiran Gowns
R’Bonney Gabriel’s look is glamorous and enchanting, with jewelry taking more of a forefront role

Speaking of the jewelry, deceptively weighty yet seemingly weightless, it swung effortlessly from her ears, showcasing fringe—a nod to the fashion trends of 2024. The makeup, a deliberate stroke of distinct white, harmonized with the ombre tones of her gown, completing the ensemble in a cohesive full-circle look. Gabriel’s appearance was not just a visual spectacle; it was a fusion of style elements that painted a captivating portrait at the historic fashion event.

Kim Chiu graced Libiran’s event in a dress that seemed to echo the designer’s essence. The mermaid cut flowed elegantly, and the diamonds, though bright, maintained a subtle presence. The ensemble spoke more of understated class than flamboyant grandeur. Meanwhile, R’Bonney Gabriel was glamorous with a dark and sensuous allure. Her attire, adorned with on-trend fringe jewelry, seamlessly blended distinct white makeup with the ombre tones of her gown, presenting a visually striking and cohesive look. 

Kim Chiu is classic in her look
R’Bonney Gabriel exudes sensuality

“Who wore it best?”—a phrase that transforms personal style into a ruthless competition that overshadows individuality with the harsh glare of comparison. In its simplicity, it diminishes the diversity that makes fashion a celebration of individuality, reducing it to a mere contest with no true winners. The significance lies not in determining who wore it best, but in appreciating how each contender styled it to manifest their confidence, uniqueness, and individuality. Examining Francis Libiran’s dress on both Kim Chiu and R’Bonney Gabriel illuminates the potential for making it a personal statement, something we can learn a thing or two about.

Photos: KIM CHIU and R’BONNEY GABRIEL (via Instagram)

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