Kim Chiu Gets Real on Why She Was Not at Maja Salvador’s Wedding

Kim Chiu Gets Real on Why She Was Not at Maja Salvador’s Wedding


In her latest vlog, Kim gives her take on adult friendships, highlighting her no-show at Maja’s wedding 

Being in the limelight is a gamble on relationships, especially when you share the spotlight. Friendships are definitely not an exception to that, as proven by Kim Chiu and Maja Salvador over the years. Although public figures like celebrities owe nothing to us, we find ourselves wanting to know the status of their bonds with their loved ones. And in talking about Maja’s wedding, we can’t help but ask with well-meaning curiosity, where was Kim during the celebration? 

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Maja Salvador wedding friendship
Photo: MAJA SALVADOR (via Instagram)

An honest answer

In her latest vlog, the actress-host finally cleared the air on why she was not present for the wedding in Bali. “Hindi naman kami sobrang close na ni Maja,” she answered. “Hindi na rin naman kami masyadong nag-uusap, and siyempre, kapag kasal mo, gusto mo ‘yung mga taong gusto mong nandiyan to witness your love sa partner mo.” 

She added with a laugh, “Hindi ako naimbitahan, pero okay lang! Sobrang happy ko para sa kanya. Minessage ko naman siya, and natouch din ako nu’ng minessage niya ako dahil du’n sa nangyari sa ate ko.” 

She concluded her response to the question by stating that the invitation didn’t matter, as long as there’s happiness and well wishes for both parties. 

A heartfelt history 

In 2019, Kim shared a short lookback on her friendship with Maja on Instagram during their trip to New York. “Some things never change! Still the same us!” she wrote in her caption. In an interview with host Boy Abunda that same year, the new bride also opened up on her friendship with the It’s Showtime! host. “Ang dalawang magkaibigan, nag-uusap at nagkakaintindihan nang kaming dalawa lang.” 

And in one of her Magandang Buhay guestings, Maja received a message from her friend. “Nagpapasalamat ako kasi kung ano ‘yung klaseng pagkakaibigan na gusto ko, ‘yun din ‘yung gusto niya. Parehas kami ng paningin sa buhay. Kung ano ‘yung tapos na, tapos na,” Kim said, ending with an “I love you so much!” for Salvador.

Kim Chiu Maja Salvador wedding friendship
Photo: KIM CHIU (via Instagram)

Meanwhile, during the cooking segment with the hosts, Maja also gave a reply to her friend. “Alam mo naman na simula dati pa lang na mahal kita. Alam kong iba ‘yung klase ng friendship na meron tayo, and alam mong gusto kong ibalik at i-maintain ‘yung friendship. At masaya ako na naibalik ‘yun. Thank you, Kim!” the dancer-actress answered. 

The two first worked together in 2006, months after Kim’s victorious exit at Pinoy Big Brother. Together with Gerald Anderson, they starred in the university movie First Day High with Jason Abalos and Geoff Eigenmann. 

Chiu and Salvador’s last project together was for their television series Ina, Kapatid, Anak from 2012 to 2013. While working on the teleserye, they had a falling out after the latter became involved with the former’s ex-boyfriend, Gerald. The three eventually patched things up in 2014.

A hopeful bond

Today, Maja is slowly easing her way back to work after her wedding and honeymoon with her husband, Rambo. Meanwhile, Kim is booked and busy with her noontime hosting gig, as well as her upcoming series, Linlang

While we have yet to see a recent interaction between the two, there is no need to worry about their friendship. A history with a good foundation is impossible to break, especially with people like the actresses. Although their actual get-togethers have taken a halt with their current schedules, it’s possible that they will cross paths in one way or another. 

Kim Chiu Maja Salvador wedding friendship
Photo: KIM CHIU (via Instagram)

If there is anything that Kim and Maja’s friendship proves, it is that time and circumstances can indeed change the place of a person in your life—but that doesn’t mean they are no longer important to you. Just like them, you can move forward while keeping the memories close to your heart. And if you are still meant to meet in the future, then you will have another chapter to look back on your relationship. For now, we can only hope for the best for the two actresses. 

Featured Image: KIM CHIU and MAJA SALVADOR (via Instagram)

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