Kim Chiu is Thankful For Her First Hosting Award

Kim Chiu is Thankful For Her First Hosting Award


Esteemed actress Kim Chiu receives the Best Female Host award for It’s Showtime, marking this as her groundbreaking win in the TV hosting scene

It’s not a surprise to see our favorite celebrities venture into new career paths. And when they excel at their new endeavors, it’s always a cause for celebration. Such is the case for Kapamilya actress Kim Chui, who has taken her talent to new heights with her foray into hosting. 

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Kim Chiu

Even though Kim’s transition into television hosting has been met with a mix of criticism and praise from audiences, the famed actress has remained steadfast in her commitment to the role. As a result, she received a coveted award for Best Female TV Host at the recently concluded 35th PMPC Star Awards for TV, solidifying her place as a versatile and talented female host. 

In yesterday’s episode of the noontime show, Kim Chiu was over the moon with happiness as her It’s Showtime co-hosts congratulated her. In a heartfelt message, Kim shared that this recognition means a lot to her, as she candidly admits that hosting wasn’t exactly her strong suit.

The actress is thankful that her family on It’s Showtime gives her endless chances and opportunities in new ways every day. She also thanked her fans for their support of her on-screen comedic banter as she discovered her own brand of humor while hosting. Kim ended her message by saying she would continue working hard and sharing good vibes as It’s Showtime host.

There’s no doubt that her natural charisma and magnetic presence will attract more audiences and award-giving bodies, as her recent win shows how hard she works and how much of an impact she has in the entertainment industry.

Photos from KIM CHIU (via Instagram)

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