Kim Soo Hyun is the New Face of Y.O.U Beauty!

Kim Soo Hyun is the New Face of Y.O.U Beauty!


The actor is an epitome of what the beauty brand stands form—commitment and confidence to inspire others.

The constant pressure to give off a positive vibe—on the inside and outside—happens to all of us. Even actors and celebrities are no exception to this. With the demands of the roles we play as multi-hyphenates, we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves.

As the Netflix show goes, “It’s Okay Not To Be Okay“. Surely, it’s okay to take a breather, pause, and put yourself first! And hey, if you’re looking for the best face to promote beauty and confidence that can be found outside and inside of us, Kim Soo Hyun is definitely that man.

Y.O.U Beauty, with its vision of upholding science, technology, sophistication, and nature’s beauty in their brand, has chosen the actor as their newest brand ambassador. Talk about something close to the actor’s stint, “My Love From The Star”!

“His journey, commitment and dedication made him one of Korea’s most successful actors. This inspires us to choose Kim Soo Hyun as our beauty ambassador as he embodies Y.O.U Beauty’s tagline, Long-Lasting Beauty, ” Mike Cabbo, Brand Manager of Y.O.U Beauty, shares. “We believe he can inspire everyone to go after their dreams and have a positive and confident attitude towards achieving their goals.”

Y.O.U Beauty’s competitive edge is in offering quality products that need not to break the bank. Check out their range of products based on your need—from decorative to skin or body care.

Indeed, there is no other face that can inspire people to look good and feel good than Kim Soo Hyun!

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