King of Rizz: Rhys Miguel Eugenio on What Makes a New-Gen Heartthrob 

King of Rizz: Rhys Miguel Eugenio on What Makes a New-Gen Heartthrob 


Young actor Rhys Miguel Eugenio proves to be more than a pretty face as he shares hard-learned lessons in the cutthroat world of showbiz and his grooming secrets 

This is an excerpt from MEGA May 2024 MEGA MAN story.

Have you heard of the slang word “rizz”? It’s been buzzing on the internet lately. If someone has “rizz,” that means he’s dripping with charisma, that magnetic charm that draws you in. It’s catchy, it’s cool, and it’s got a ring to it. And wouldn’t you  know it, the word rhymes with the first name of Rhys Miguel Eugenio—which is perfect because he definitely oozes with “rizz.” 

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Growing up in Kentucky, U.S.A., Rhys never imagined himself walking the red carpets in the Philippines. His dreams originally veered toward a career that involves a stethoscope and a white coat, following in the footsteps of his grandfather. But fate, as they say, had other plans. Encouragement from family members planted the seed of possibility, and at 16, Rhys took a leap of faith, jetting off to the Philippines to dip his toes into show business. 

Young actor Rhys Miguel Eugenio revisits his journey from auditioning for a reality show to landing roles in hit series
Young actor Rhys Miguel Eugenio revisits his journey from auditioning for a reality show to landing roles in hit series

“It’s like the universe was handing me a golden ticket,” Rhys tells MEGA, his voice tinged with a mix of gratitude and disbelief. “In just three months, I was signing contracts left and right. Bench came knocking, commercials came calling—it was surreal.” But fate wasn’t done with him yet. A chance of a lifetime presented itself : an audition for the reality TV show  juggernaut, Pinoy Big Brother (PBB). Rhys seized it with both hands. From there, his trajectory has been promising, landing roles in hit TV series like He’s Into Her, alongside Belle Mariano and Donny Pangilinan. 

What Makes a Heartthrob

Rhys’s ascent to heartthrob status wasn’t merely a stroke of luck—it was a result of relentless dedication and uncompromising self-care. Transitioning from a charming lad-next-door to a bona fide hunk requires more than just good genes; it demands sweat, tears, and discipline, including a fitness and skincare routine. 

When it comes to skincare, Rhys doesn’t take any shortcuts. With a hint of humor, he quips, “Actually, I should have made my girlfriend make a list of something,” revealing the unexpected source of his skincare wisdom.  From daily shaving to cleansing and moisturizing, Rhys spares no effort in keeping his skin smooth. “In the shower, I always exfoliate and then cleanse, tone, and moisturize,” he shares, outlining his routine with precision. 

The young heartthrob reveals his best-kept self-care routine, proving that beauty is personal and universal
The young heartthrob is wearing a top from the H&M x ROKH collection

Skincare isn’t just a routine for Rhys, but it’s also a form of bonding with his girlfriend, whom he affectionately refers to off-the-record. “If it’s nighttime, sometimes me and my girlfriend do like a mask or put eye creams to combat puffiness and dark circles,” he reveals.  

Beyond skincare, Rhys takes his overall health seriously by incorporating a range of supplements into his daily routine. “I take a bunch of vitamins,” he says. Among his arsenal, he includes Ashwagandha for improved sleep and stress reduction. Additionally, he opts for electrolyte powder as a healthier alternative to sugary sports drinks. “It’s kind of like Gatorade without all the calories and sugar,” he explains. 

Rhys also prioritizes his fitness regimen with supplements like creatine and protein shakes, ensuring he’s fueled for his intense workouts. With a schedule that rivals that of a seasoned athlete, he frequents the gym five times a week, ensuring that each session leaves him one step closer to his fitness goals. He shares, “Each time I go to the gym, I’d say, probably, I go for an hour or two, maximum, but in the morning, I usually try to do stretching and just a little bit of ab workout.” 

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Photographed by RAYMOND CAUILAN. Creative direction by JONES PALTENG. Sittings editor BAM ABELLON Grooming by LIONEL FABROS. Styled by RYUJI SHIOMITSU 

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