Korean Eyeliner Tattoo Is The Makeup Game Changer You Need To Know About Now

Korean Eyeliner Tattoo Is The Makeup Game Changer You Need To Know About Now


Define your Asian eyes with the newest permanent makeup trend: Korean eyeliner tattoo. Find out what it’s about before booking an appointment.

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Whenever someone asks me if I have a tattoo, I always reply by saying, “I don’t have any on my body, but I do have on my eyes.” And I get the same look every time I drop that line—confused, horrified faces. Despite the common correlation of pain and tattoos, the Korean eyeliner tattoo did not hurt at all. I’m here to share with you my experience in getting this semi-permanent make-up done and why you should consider getting one, too.

Why Would You Need Korean Eyeliner Tattoo?
My way of reasoning is quite simple: I have very soft sleepy eyes and I wanted to look more awake. There are a variety of “Asian eyes” out there, some are monolids, upward slanting, downward slanting, almond shaped, or a combination of a few of these. Mine are a combination of downward slanting and almond shaped. Thus, I would get comments on how “bored” I looked. With Korean eyeliner tattoo, I wanted to achieve defined eyes without having to pack on make-up every day.

Kuk Son Yong would visit Evie & Co. for eyelash extensions

How Was The Process Like? Was It Really Painless?
I got my Korean eyeliner tattoo done at Evie & Co. in Centuria Medical Makati. I felt safe throughout the whole process because the aesthetician happens to be my friend and former make-up artist. They also apply anesthesia around your eyes before the procedure, so the only type of sensation you’ll feel is a tingling one.

If you’re looking for a place to get this procedure done, then I would highly suggest that you look into the credentials of your aesthetician. In Evie & Co., all their aestheticians are accredited by a school in Korea, which gave me a sense of relief while getting the procedure done.
Korean Eyeliner Tattoo
The Outcome
Like any tattoo, the immediate outcome and the healed version look completely different. This is the same for the Korean eyeliner tattoo. The immediate outcome looked like I had a thin line of eyeliner on my lash line. It was very natural and prominent. After around 3 weeks, the tattoo healed and revealed a barely there ink on my lash line. Both looked good, but in different ways. The former had a lot more prominence in its appearance, while the latter was subtle and almost unnoticeable.

What did you do for after care?
Before I go to sleep every night, I had to apply an anti-bacterial cream from Evie & Co. As for make-up, I was not allowed to wear eyeliner or mascara till the tattoo was completely healed. Apart from this, I was not allowed to rub my eyes for a week even while washing my face. Instead, I would dab around the tattooed area with a soft facial cloth.

How Long Does Korean Eyeliner Tattoo Last?
Despite being named a tattoo, this make-up procedure is actually semi-permanent. This is because the fleshy part of our skin heals faster than the normal parts. For instance, inner lip tattoos need to be retouched from time to time for the same reason. You can expect your Korean eyeliner tattoo to last for around 18 months without any retouches.

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