Kyle Echarri and JK Labajo Reached a New Milestone by Releasing a Bisaya Ballad Together

Kyle Echarri and JK Labajo Reached a New Milestone by Releasing a Bisaya Ballad Together


If there’s a duo that’s exuding some resounding harmony right now, it’s definitely Kyle and JK

Friendships, more often than not, are born from a common denominator that instantly builds a connection between two people. For some, it’s the same school or neighborhood. Meanwhile, others find their persons through their shared experiences. But for Kyle Echarri and JK Labajo, it’s music. 

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Photo: KYLE ECHARRI (via Instagram)

Over the years, the two have exhibited their individual passions for singing in their own paths. And although they had projects of their own, they eventually have music to thank for solidifying their friendship all these years. With that, here’s a lookback on how JK and Kyle plus music equals a bond that lasts. 

Their common beginning

While Kyle has been attributed more to acting in the past few years, did you know that he and JK both started out in The Voice Kids? The “Ere” hitmaker joined the first season of the reality show in 2014, finishing third under Bamboo’s Camp Kawayan. Meanwhile, the Pamilya Sagrado actor participated in the following season under Sarah Geronimo’s team. During their younger years, they even performed “Blue Suede Shoes” together with Bailey May. Their performance video from years ago is a testament that music was already playing in their lives, till it brought them together. 

Putting their harmony to the test

In 2016, they joined We Love Opm: The Celebrity Sing Offs together as one team called Voice Next Door. Along with Bailey once again, they did a contemporary rendition of Sharon Cuneta’s song “Pangarap Na Butuin” in a rock and rap arrangement. 

A sign of what’s playing soon

At the ABS-CBN Christmas Special last year, JK and Kyle led this generation’s group of young, male actors with their performance of “Ere.” They started the song as a pair, delighting their fans with their unexpected duet. Later, other actors, including Elijah Canlas and Zaijan Jaranilla, followed suit. The audience especially cheered for Kyle who gave his equally emotional take on JK’s hit track. Who knew that this was their way of readying us for their joint vocal prowess in a single?

@roxyisabelle_ Ere performed by ABS CBN Teen Leading Men ❤️ #kyleecharri #juankarlos #elijahcanlas #ere #abscbnchristmasspecial2023 #fyp #foryou #roxyisabelle ♬ ERE – juan karlos

Blending into a ballad

Cementing music’s impact on their friendship, JK and Kyle finally released their duet called “Kasing Kasing” before January ended. The Bisaya ballad is an emotional lament which JK produced and wrote. For their fellow Bisdaks, the song meant a lot as most OPM releases that are given spotlight these days are in Tagalog or English. Besides the message of the song, the highlight of the track is their voices blending together in a heart-tugging harmony. 

Featured Image: JK LABAJO (via Instagram)

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