Kyle Kuzma’s Guide to Scoring Big in Style With His Killer Bag Rotation

Kyle Kuzma’s Guide to Scoring Big in Style With His Killer Bag Rotation


Step up your fashion game with a little inspiration from Washington Wizards player Kyle Kuzma and his impressive bag collection

No one can deny that Kyle Kuzma is one of the most fashion-forward NBA players of our time. His impeccable style choices are continuously redefining the game for athletes, proving that fashion is an integral part of their persona. Following his buzzworthy Birkin moment, Kuzma consistently showcases a collection of notable bags, underscoring the significance of this accessory as the ultimate style booster. Here is a glimpse of the basketball star’s most recent bag selection:

Kuz's bag collection

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His Birkin bag game

We kick off with the showstopper: a bold forest green Hermès Haut à Courroies that turned heads. The NBA player styled it flawlessly, pairing an elongated top with sleek black Rick Owens flares. And, of course, the spotlight was also on his fresh blonde crew cut, marked with a playful red kiss.

Kyle Kuzma and his Birkin bag

Slamming style in the tunnel

When we think of the fusion of basketball and fashion, tunnel looks take center stage. Styled by Teyana Taylor, Kyle set the stage on fire with his ensemble during the inaugural game of the 2023–2024 Washington Wizards season. Dressed in Amiri’s Fall 2023 Menswear Collection, he carried his black and orange HAC Birkin Bag, turning the tunnel into a high-fashion runway.

Kyle Kuzma and his HAC Birkin bag

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Bouncing in black

In a bold and stylish all-black moment, the Washington Wizards player made a strong impression. He donned a black deconstructed leather jacket, opting for a shirtless look, and paired it with the distinctive Rick Owens black and white jumbo lace high-top geobasket sneakers. Completing the ensemble, he carried the black wrinkled leather Le Cagole tote bag, showcasing a mix of edge and sophistication.

Kyle Kuzma and his Le Cagole tote bag

Crossover cool

Proving that even a relaxed outfit can speak volumes, Kuz kicked off November with a standout look. He rocked a Doublet wood-yarn blouson with a crisp white polo and shorts. The game-changer? A cream sling bag showing us all how to master the art of making a statement with ease.

The NBA Player showcases that a stylish statement is essential to complete a look

Swish and stylish

And finally, Kyle graced his recently released photos with a striking presence, showcasing the latest drop from his lifestyle label, Childhood Dreams, in partnership with PUMA. His look was accented by a Louis Vuitton blue-washed Keepall 50 bag, infusing the visuals with an air of refined elegance.

How to style bags with Kyle Kuzma childhood dreams

Photos: KYLE KUZMA (via Instagram)

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