Kylie Verzosa In The Eyes Of Siargao’s Finest Photographers

Kylie Verzosa In The Eyes Of Siargao’s Finest Photographers


Kylie Verzosa shows us her modeling chops in a three-part shoot with Camille Robiou du Pont, Bren Fuentes, and Aaron Forcadilla of Siargao.

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Siargao is a beautiful island in the northeastern coast of Mindanao. Aside from being the Surfing Capital of the Philippines, it is also home to some of country’s finest artists and talents. There are painters, tattoo artists, writers, content managers, as well as photographers who make up the creative community of Siargao. Because of their location and lifestyle, these island creatives bring a totally new perspective to the industry. So when celebrities and personalities visit the island and get the chance to work with them, they can collaborate in creating art that is truly unique.

Recently, Kylie Verzosa was able to visit the island of Siargao for a safe and quick work-cation. During her stay, she was able to reach out and collaborate with three talented photographers who lived on the island: Camille Robiou du Pont, Bren Fuentes, and Aaron Forcadilla. In their collaboration, the three photographers were able to capture Kylie like no one has ever before. They provided three distinctive styles through the art of photography. Learn more about these photographers and their collaboration by reading on.

Camille Robiou du Pont (@camillerdp)
Visual Artist and photographer, Camille Robiou du Pont, is the Siargao resident that loves to swim and skate. Her photography is dreamy and picturesque that plays with colors in the most ethereal and tenuous way. Her photos of Kylie capture the actress’ delicate nature and femininity.

Bren Fuentes (@brenstormin)
Chef and photographer, Bren Fuentes, is an artist that is heavily inspired by the female form. He has the ability to show the contrast of the vulnerability and power of humans through his portrait work. His photos of Kylie show a raw and real version of the former Miss International winner.

Aaron Forcadilla (@aaronfrocs)
Surfer and photographer, Aaron Forcadilla, is the Siargao-based creative who loves to capture the essence of life through his lens. He is the island’s go-to photographer for life changing events like weddings, maternity shoots, and more. Aaron photographed Kylie in a dreamy and vintage-like photoshoot.

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