Kylie Verzosa’s Secret to Looking Great in Body Hugging Outfits? SOLÁ, Her Shapewear Line

Kylie Verzosa’s Secret to Looking Great in Body Hugging Outfits? SOLÁ, Her Shapewear Line


Kylie Verzosa reaches for the stars with the launch of her shapewear line, SOLÁ. Discover her journey as she shares her story in this MEGA exclusive

What do shapewear, the sun, and standing on your own have in common? Kylie Verzosa is making a notable entry into a fresh domain with the introduction of SOLÁ, her first shapewear brand. Transitioning from her role as a beauty queen to that of a savvy businesswoman, Verzosa shares the story behind her journey, the wellspring of inspirations, and the distinctive vibrancy that distinguishes SOLÁ in this niche yet competitive realm.

Shaping confidence and comfort

For Verzosa, shapewear isn’t just a wardrobe essential; it’s a personal journey that spans her pageant days to action-packed movie scenes. “Shapewear has always been a part of my career. It just kept everything in place,” she laughs. With SOLÁ, she aims to bridge the gap between high quality and affordability, offering women a solution that blends confidence and comfort seamlessly and without seams.

Kylie Verzosa's SOLÁ is a Shapewear Line Radiating Confidence
Kylie Verzosa aims to have a lifestyle brand for every body

Venturing into entrepreneurship was a natural progression for Verzosa, a Business Management graduate with a keen eye for opportunities. SOLÁ, conceptualized in 2023, stems from her desire to create a brand that not only represents her but resonates with women across the Philippines. “Aspirational but attainable,” she emphasizes, capturing the spirit of SOLÁ.

A name with a purpose

Choosing the name SOLÁ was no casual decision. Verzosa wanted a name that reflected strength and independence. “SOLÁ means ‘woman can stand on her own’,” she shares. Beyond its empowering meaning, SOLÁ also signifies the sun, a fitting metaphor for a brand that aims to shine brightly over a niche product in the Philippine landscape.

Kylie Verzosa's SOLÁ is a Shapewear Line Radiating Confidence
The entrepreneur reshapes the niche product for the Philippine landscape

Transitioning from a beauty queen to an entrepreneur presented its challenges, especially for a startup like SOLÁ. Verzosa highlights the importance of assembling the right team and navigating the complexities of product development. “Finding the right people was one of the challenges,” she admits, emphasizing the significance of teamwork in the business journey. 

Second was product development. The journey of SOLÁ from concept to reality was marked by the arduous task of developing the perfect product. From bustling marketplaces to sleek manufacturing hubs, the SOLÁ team scoured the globe in search of the ideal components that would form the backbone of their shapewear line. The process was far from straightforward. It involved countless iterations, a delicate dance of trial and error that pushed the boundaries of creativity and precision. Verzosa’s commitment to excellence meant meticulous attention to every detail, ensuring that each piece met her exacting standards.

Kylie Verzosa's SOLÁ is a Shapewear Line Radiating Confidence
The SOLÁ shapewear designs come in five varieties, including one with straps

Back-and-forth negotiations, intricacies of international shipments, and the inevitable ticking of time formed a complex stitch of challenges. The realization that shapewear wasn’t produced locally in the Philippines added an extra layer of complexity, necessitating a global exploration. Amidst the hurdles and delays, Verzosa and her team remained steadfast in their pursuit of perfection. The setbacks only fueled their determination to create a shapewear line that would stand out in terms of both quality and affordability.

Building on basics

Verzosa is proud to stand by every SOLÁ product. Combining high quality with affordability, SOLÁ shapewear boasts a composition of 76% nylon and 24% elastane, offering both compression and comfort. Stylish and versatile, these pieces are designed not just as undergarments but as everyday basics that integrate into any wardrobe.

Kylie Verzosa's SOLÁ is a Shapewear Line Radiating Confidence
The line boasts both compression and comfort, style and versatility
Kylie Verzosa's SOLÁ is a Shapewear Line Radiating Confidence
A standout color in mauve represents its feminine, fun, and flirty appeal in the muted palette of shapewear

Launching with a focus on basics, SOLÁ aims to gather feedback from its community before expanding its offerings. Verzosa envisions introducing more colors and styles in future collections, tailoring SOLÁ’s evolution based on the preferences and needs of its customers.

Exploring a vibrant color palette, SOLÁ’s debut collection includes the standout shade, mauve. For Verzosa, the choice is personal. “You can be serious, but also fun at the same time. I love what it represents,” she exclaims. Mauve, with its feminine, fun, and flirty appeal, represents the spirit of SOLÁ, bringing a touch of uniqueness to shapewear. “I wanted to have a color that was fun that would pop out something that was me.”

Kylie Verzosa's SOLÁ is a Shapewear Line Radiating Confidence
The shapewear line hugs your body in the right places

Cosmic collections

With SOLÁ symbolizing the sun, the debut collection titled Mercury sets the stage for future themed releases. Verzosa hints at the next collection being named Venus, sparking curiosity about the intimate yet exciting possibilities SOLÁ has in store.

Venturing the digital landscape, SOLÁ offers exclusive discounts on its website, especially for early birds. Verzosa encourages visitors to sign up for newsletters to access special offers, providing an immersive online shopping experience.

A proudly Filipino lifestyle brand

Verzosa’s aspirations for SOLÁ extend beyond just shapewear. She envisions SOLÁ becoming a lifestyle brand known for its quality and affordability, accessible to everyone. “It’s made by a Filipina, made by our nation,” she expresses with pride, emphasizing SOLÁ as a symbol of collective achievement. “It’s something that we can be proud of. And I’m proud to have it.”

Kylie Verzosa's SOLÁ is a Shapewear Line Radiating Confidence
Kylie Verzosa launches first business through shapewear, SOLÁ

Kylie Verzosa isn’t just shaping bodies; she’s shaping confidence, empowerment, and a radiant revolution through fashion in the niche market of shapewear. The journey to this SOLÁ system has just begun, and the sun is shining bright on this exciting venture.

Photos and Featured Image: SOLÁ

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