Kyline Alcantara On Being Fueled By Her Dreams To Embrace Her Imperfections

Kyline Alcantara On Being Fueled By Her Dreams To Embrace Her Imperfections


Her energy shoots up the roof as the shoot goes, effortlessly projecting in front of a camera and transforming right after to show her playful side to the team. With her amusing personality, it’s hard to believe that Kyline Alcantara rose to fame for her antagonistic characters. Indeed, this young actress take risks. From her effective performance as an actress, she has also dabbled into the music industry. With the “artista” stereotype far from dead, Kyline rises above and proves that more than her pretty face, her talents and spirit to take on new things are what’s going to bring her to success. In this exclusive conversation in partnership with Converse, learn more about Kyline and her advice for girls who also want to seek out greatness.
Kyline Alcantara

How would you redefine or describe being a girl in this day and age?

Superhero! You’re all superheroes because you’re all tough, amazing, multi-taskers. The adjectives go on. Lady boss for the win!

What is your experience in breaking through your own walls to come out strong and be one-of-a-kind in your field?

Kyline Alcantara
Siguro po naging totoo lang ako sa sarili ko. I’m just showing everyone my true self and I’m embracing who I am. I want to be different because different doesn’t mean you’re wrong.

How did this help you get to where you are right now?

Kyline Alcantara
Black trench blazer by WILBUR LANG. Black sheer top by KASHIECA. Chuck 70 Love graphic rhubarb high-cut sneakers by CONVERSE.

I observed kasi na mas tinatanggap ng tao kapag pinapakita mo yung totoong sarili mo sa kanila. In this time of social media, Lahat sila ine-expect na you’re perfect and of course meron kang pressure sa sarili mo na kailangan mong maging perfect for everyone. Well for me, you need to show them your perfect imperfections because you can still be successful eventhough you’re full of flaws and you’re full of imperfections.

In your own words, what makes you bold and unafraid to go beyond your limits?

Kyline Alcantara Converse

So, you need to take a lot of risks because for me ang isa sa mga steps para makapunta ka sa success is you gotta fail because failing means that you’re trying. Failing means that you’re taking risks to get to your dreams.

What tips do you have to empower women to break through their own hindrances and seek out greatness?

You need to strike more, strive more, and grind even more because kung kaya yun gawin ng mga kalalakihan, syempre kaya din natin ‘yun.

This 2019, I’d like to see more girls _______.

Kyline Alcantara Converse
This 2019, I would like to see more girls fix each other’s crown.

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