Kyline in Korea is Your New Fall/Winter Style Inspiration

Kyline in Korea is Your New Fall/Winter Style Inspiration


Thinking of flying to Korea soon? Take a look at Kyline Alcantara’s outfits in Seoul as your Fall/Winter style guide

One of the biggest flight destinations for revenge travel has been Seoul. And since it’s been very chilly in the South Korean city, a lot of travelers have been opting for outfits that match the weather. It’s safe to say that they’ve been recreating the aesthetic of their favorite K-Dramas in real life, and a local celebrity joined in on the trend. So if you’re planning to fly out there soon, you might want to check out Kyline Alcantara’s Fall/Winter ensembles in Korea. 

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Trendy and sleek

The look is more on the edgy side but it was executed elegantly because of the chosen palette. She had on a white turtleneck top layered with an oversized blazer-like vest, complete with black leather boots.

kyline alcantara fashion

Autumn air

We’re definitely feeling the fall aura because of the warm hues of her outfit. The young actress opted to do a monochromatic look as seen on the auburn dress topped off with a dark brown leather jacket. For accessories, she had on a black beret hat that matched her leather boots.

gma actress fashion

Pretty in pink

Brighter days call for brighter hues, and Kyline was able to do it in a chic manner. Her all-pink ensemble consisted of a knitted mini dress in magenta covered with a tweed jacket done in a lighter shade of pink. She mirrored the color by wearing frameless specs in pink hues and a mini pink bag, while her chunky sneakers were finished in white.

kyline alcantara pink

Big Apple in Seoul

We can definitely say that she brought Manhattan to Seoul with this ensemble. Kyline went for a sleek look by wearing a black mini dress that matched her black knee-high boots, but she elevated it with the gingham-finished coat for her outerwear. 

gma actress fashion

Orange debut

The young actress made her orange hair debut by wearing a playful outfit that consisted of unusual combinations. The heart-patterned black and white mini dress brought out the quirkiness of the whole look, while the pink coat and knee-high boots exuded an aura of elegance.

kyline alcantara orange hair

Photos: KYLINE ALCANTARA (via Instagram)

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