Kyline Alcantara and Miguel Tanfelix Share Style Secrets That You Probably Forget About

Kyline Alcantara and Miguel Tanfelix Share Style Secrets That You Probably Forget About


Kyline Alcantara and Miguel Tanfelix have the best style secrets and these are things you’ve probably been completely forgetting about!

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There’s no denying that Kyline and Miguel are two of the most sought-after actors of their generation. With their talents and incredibly good looks, it isn’t so hard to fall for their charms. Not only did we adore their humility, they also managed to impress us with their sense of style at such a young age!

We catch Kyline and Miguel every day on primetime TV. Seeing them often in character makes us forget that they too have their own personal styles they follow. So we asked them about their personal style preferences in this exclusive interview. And everything they dished out will definitely change the way you carry yourself.

Sole Character

The debate around dirty and clean Chucks is just about as classic as these sneakers. There will always be people who would want them clean and people who want them rugged. But Kyline and Miguel have one common answer that might just convince you to switch lanes.

“The dirtier the better,” Miguel said. They took their stands and chose dirty Chucks. Kyline added that it’s because of the texture and character the ruggedness of the shoes bring. She further explains that it doesn’t look dirty at all and we couldn’t agree more.

Casual and Comfy

While we were at the sneakers topic, we took the chance to ask the considerations they make in choosing one. And it seems as if they have the same wavelength when they answered the same thing: it has to be comfortable. Miguel then said that it’s because wearing your pair of shoes is the same as wearing your personality. And Kyline mentioned that comfort equals style—the right comfy shoes can be paired with just about anything. 

That One Pair

For Kyline, choosing the right pair of shoes is the most important part in putting together an #OOTD. She adds that an outfit won’t seem right if you choose the wrong pair. Meanwhile, Miguel doesn’t break a sweat in choosing the right pair of shoes. He says he always has the right pair of Converse that could go with any outfit he chooses!

Interview by RJ Roque and Cheska Testa
Photography by Floyd Jhocson of Studio 100
Art Direction by Macky Arquilla 
Special Thanks to Converse

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