La Mer’s Renewal Oil Will Be Your New Beauty Obsession

La Mer’s Renewal Oil Will Be Your New Beauty Obsession


People have been paying more and more attention to skincare. We worry about unflattering skin types, acne-prone conditions, signs of aging and the like. Upon realizing the consequences of not pampering the skin well enough, everyone has been afire trying to find revolutionary products to integrate into their daily beauty routine.

La Mer Renewal Oil maintains its place in the essentials category for 3 good reasons:


1. Hydration

We’ve all come across this beauty myth: moisturizers aren’t good for oily skin. Honestly, doing the opposite might be essential. Moisturizing, even when you have oily skin, helps improve sebum production. You just need to find the right ingredients. The Renewal Oil is filled to the brim with natural essential oils like sesame, known for its moisturizing and softening effect on skin. Simply give the bottle a gentle shake to reveal the golden elixir that hydrates the skin and hair as well.

2. Highlight

Ever wondered how you can look fresh-faced all day? It starts with a great base. While applying beauty oil before the foundation sounds tricky, it actually does wonders to prevent a cakey finish. Add a golden drop of The Renewal Oil to your foundation routine for a flawless and radiant effect. You can also apply two drops to a dollop of Crème de la Mer to bring that subtle glow back to your cheeks.

3. Renewal

Living in a tropical country, we’re always prone to unwanted factors which may damage the skin. Sun damage, pollution, and aging are things we combat daily. Collagen is vital to prevent the skin from sagging. Good thing it is one of The Renewal Oil’s key ingredients. Along with the healing properties of eucalyptus oil, The Renewal Oil has the power to smoothen out fine lines and wrinkles. It also features the Miracle Broth which repairs the cells and restores the youthful state of the skin.

Introduce the drop of endless possibilities to your skin care and experience the renewal people are obsessing over. For more information about La Mer’s The Renewal Oil, visit the website.

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