La Prairie Captures The Magic of Light on Water In White Caviar Essence Extraordinaire

La Prairie Captures The Magic of Light on Water In White Caviar Essence Extraordinaire


Immerse your skin in a glimmering luminosity with Lumidose captured for the first time in La Prairie White Caviar Essence Extraordinaire

When we talk about skin luminosity, this shouldn’t be confused with skin brightening or a change in complexion. In fact, luminosity is our skin’s innate ability to reflect light in relation to water—highly touted as one of our skin’s best characteristics that equates to beauty. This is how you hear terms like “skin hydration” and “collagen” that contribute to a more plump and healthy look. The smoother, firmer, and more hydrated skin is, the more it glistens.

In 2019, La Prairie scientists actually nailed this by establishing the Equation of Light to show that skin luminosity is a function of color and reflection. They put this discovery into practice by unveiling ways to enhance beauty with over 90 years of Swiss cellular science present in their products. Today, skin luminosity comes in a new form with La Prairie White Caviar Essence Extraordinaire.

Finally Capturing the Light

Inspired by how the enchanting light of a bright morn glimmers on the waters of Lake Geneva, White Caviar Essence Extraordinaire brings nature’s magnificence on your skin. It takes the Equation of Light and optimizes our skin’s condition to recreate the enchantment of light and water in unique ways.

For the first time in over 15 years of research, the illuminating molecule Lumidose is encapsulated. Lumidose is said to be the most potent inhibitor of human tyrosinase—an enzyme responsible for melanin formation. This patented molecule achieves never-before-seen results, such as fading age spots more potently and faster than other tyrosinase inhibitors. 

Lumidose is accompanied by the line’s namesake: Swiss caviar ingredients. Swiss Golden Caviar Extract, the signature caviar ingredient of the White Caviar collection, supports natural collagen production to help plump skin and create a firmer appearance. And as the brand has gathered from research, smoother skin increases light’s ability to reflect back to the skin surface.  In addition, Swiss Golden Caviar Water, which captures the most delicate and volatile components of golden caviar, makes up the foundation of the formula and enhances its sensoriality with a refreshing touch.

A New Feel

Upon grasping the elegant glass vessel that houses this delicate formula, light continues to come into play. The polished silver that tops the bottle shimmers against the light, and even the innovative bottle-within-a-bottle design shields the formula from light penetration to preserve its efficacy.

The La Prairie White Caviar Essence Extraordinaire is only one part of the White Caviar line. To let your light continue to shine, the White Caviar Illuminating Ritual can be your new morning and evening habit. After cleaning, the first step to more illuminated, firmer skin lies in the White Caviar Essence Extraordinaire. The silky, opalescent lotion begins the refreshing sensation worth getting used to. Skin is smoothed, firmed, and hydrated in step one alone. Follow this with White Caviar Illuminating Pearl Infusion, a serum that targets age spots, redness, and grayness. Addressing uneven complexion in your rituals can help improve skin luminosity. Finish the ritual by dispensing a single dose of White Caviar Crème Extraordinaire for a healthy finish.

La Prairie White Caviar Essence Extraordinaire, containing the market’s single most powerful illuminating molecule, can be yours today. Visit La Prairie at Rustan’s Mall in Shangri-La Plaza or Rustan’s official website.

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