House of La Prairie Looks Back While Anticipating the Beauty That Tomorrow Brings

House of La Prairie Looks Back While Anticipating the Beauty That Tomorrow Brings


Since their establishment, La Prairie remains to be one of the most sought-after luxury skincare brands that gets us to hold time in our hands

s Dr. Paul Niehans, a notable Swiss surgeon, was simply imagining how he could discover the key to unlock the secrets to attain eternal youth. With this thought constantly running through his mind, he walked with purpose along the pristine shores of Switzerland’s lac Léman as he kept trying to figure it all out. After some time, his intelligence and determination eventually led to the birth of House of La Prairie in the late 70s.

In the beginning

During his research in the early 30s, Dr. Niehans realized that cells die much quicker than other organisms. This caused him to understand that fresh cells can be used to repair damaged ones, simply regenerating like with like. His vision, restoring vigor and vitality with fresh cells, along with promising advancements in his research caused the emergence of cellular therapy that, according to him, “Not only [adds] years to life, but [adds] life to years.”

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The much-awaited sequel

Before his untimely passing in 1971, Dr. Niehans had a topical cream as one of his last developments. The creation of a complete skincare regimen in 1978 then led to the establishment of the House of La Prairie whose new formulas included stabilized fresh cells that were directly inspired by Dr. Niehans’ work, thus representing a breakthrough in skincare. In spite of this, the question of further advancements were raised, which was why the House’s team of scientists explored new bioengineering origins in cellular therapy. This provided them with a bioengineered cellular extract that became the new guardian of the skin, renaming it to Exclusive Cellular Complex.

A flawless tomorrow

Decades long after the scientific discovery that built the House of La Prairie, the skincare brand has finally decided to make a change. Launching it during their most recent communication campaign with the theme “Hold Time in Your Hands,” La Prairie unveils a brand new identity. The team behind the House has opted for a more modern flair with their logo, one that hasn’t been touched since the late 70s, by increasing its level of minimalism that is sharper with a contemporary take on La Prairie Clinic Montreaux’s art deco-inspired logo. According to Chief Marketing Officer Greg Prodromides, “Our logo is the reflection of La Prairie’s soul. It embraces the values and the heritage of the house; it expresses its singular identity to the world. It represents who we are, and who we will be tomorrow. [This rebranding] is a way for us to celebrate our past, while continuously looking at our future ahead.”

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