Laureen Uy and the Power of Dressing Up

Laureen Uy and the Power of Dressing Up


When the name Laureen Uy is mentioned, one of her colorful, fashion-forward looks will most-likely come to mind. Considered one of the individuals that pioneered fashion blogging in the country, she truly is a master of her craft.

“I’ve always believed in letting people know that what you wear is who you are. While I’ve loved dressing up since I was a kid, I felt that blogging gave it a deeper meaning. Everyday, when I post something, I want my readers to learn something from it,” says Laureen. Aware of her status yet totally down-to-earth about her influence as well, it is her attitude—and not just her style—that has kept her one of the most relevant personalities in the industry to this day.

Read our full interview with Camille Co and Laureen Uy over here!

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