You Would Choose Your #OOTD à la Lauren Reid After Reading This

You Would Choose Your #OOTD à la Lauren Reid After Reading This


Lauren Reid’s unconventional means of choosing her OOTD will make you wanna do the same!

Lauren’s old style was not how we expected it to be. She was never your typical hypebae and during an exclusive interview, she confesses about her fashion choices when she was young. And we totally understand why she owned a pair of knee-high Chucks that once ruled a generation. But as Lauren had gotten older, she finally realized her style. And as someone who doesn’t really follow trends, she simply can’t give up her trusty pair of Chucks.
Lauren MEGAStyle
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With her Instagram feed full of her day to day adventures, we always see Lauren on her natural environment. And even when working out, Lauren makes sure her style is on point! But would you have guessed how she decided on what to wear that day? In an exclusive interview, the influencer dishes out on her styling secrets. And trust me, it’s gonna turn your styling game upside down.
Lauren MEGAStyle

From Down Under

We are all used to picking our tops first when choosing the perfect OOTD. From there, we move on to the bottoms and shoes would be the last that comes into mind. There is nothing wrong with this conventional thinking. But Lauren Reid does it differently.
Lauren MEGAStyle
According to her, choosing the perfect pair of shoes first saves her from styling dilemmas. She first decides on which kicks to rock for the day before building an outfit around it. While she understands that it’s not a lot of people would do the same, she was proud of her unconventional means of putting together the perfect outfit to strut the streets with any day!
Lauren MEGAStyle

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