Just Like Magic: These Celebs Manifested Their Dreams That Came True

Just Like Magic: These Celebs Manifested Their Dreams That Came True


It’s a term we’ve all heard of in recent months: The Law of Attraction. Whether or not you’re the spiritual type, it’s a curious thing to ponder on the sentiment that the universe is actually listening and ready to provide us with our wildest dreams—once we “manifest” it, of course.

Still doubting the universe’s ways? Check out these personalities who’ve shared their desires to the world—and actually saw it happened.

Maine Mendoza

Ang sarap siguro ng feeling pag artista ka.

Photo from Maine’s Instagram

If there’s one queen of manifesting, it’s none other than Maine Mendoza! As an avid Twitter user, she’s long been calling her wishes to the universe—and we’re witness to seeing them all come true. From her MAC endorsement, movie features, MYX hosting, to even having actor Arjo Atayde as her beau, we can’t help but think Maine might be in the universe’s good graces all this time.

Maris Racal

“Hay Rico Blanco when will I hear you sing live. ”

Photo from Twitter

It’s one thing to fangirl, and it’s another to see it come true in front of the entire world. Anyone who’s a longtime fan of the 23-year-old actress knows how much of a Rico Blanco fan she is—from consistent tweets about the 48-year-old artist, to even calling him out to sing at her wedding. If you think about it, their recent sweet duet is the stuff of fanfiction!

Pia Wurtzbach

“Kalma lang guys. Ako bahala. Babawi tayo sa Miss Universe”

Photo from Miss Universe

Stay calm, we’ve got Pia. That’s what the 2015 Miss Universe winner tweeted almost 6 months before she won the coveted crown and ended the Philippines’ 74-year Miss Universe drought. Pia has also long been blasting her goals on social media, and it’s since been manifesting! 

Kelsey Meritt

“Mark this tweet. Makakapag VS din ako balang araw #lawofattraction”

Photo from Victoria’s Secret

The country’s first Victoria’s Secret model didn’t keep her goals a secret at all! Almost 2 years before she got to walk the VS Catwalk, Kelsey manifested to the universe with the hashtag #lawofattraction—and look where that got her.

Trina Candaza

“Huhuhu ang gwapoooo ni Carlo Aquino”

Photo by Nice Print Photography

We can’t fight Trina on this! Lucky for her, she got to date the actor less than a year after manifesting how handsome he is. Even luckier for the model, the couple are now raising their beautiful baby girl, Enola Mithi. Dreams do come true, even when we think we’re just posting it.

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