Lean Protein Recipes You Can Recreate at Home

Lean Protein Recipes You Can Recreate at Home


Change your life for the better with clean lean protein. For inspiration, check out these five simple recipes for protein-rich meals that are low in fat and calories

One common misconception regarding protein is the idea that eating less of it could guarantee weight loss. While entering a caloric deficit is integral to weight loss, eating enough protein is still a necessary part of having a balanced diet and ultimately good health. Another common misconception is the idea that transitioning to a plant-based diet will result in a protein deficiency. Again, while some people could suffer from protein deficiency while on a vegan diet, for example, that case would arise more from a lack of awareness on what vegetables are loaded with protein.

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This is where clean lean protein comes into play. Protein is identified as lean if it’s low in saturated fat, resulting in fewer calories gained. Lean protein is also beneficial to your overall health as it can help you in reaching a healthier weight—whether it be through weight loss or weight gain—and lower your risk for cardiovascular disease due to its promotion of good heart health. Not only that, but certain lean protein sources such as tofu also have long-term mental health benefits. With that being said, here are some recipes you can follow for easy-to-make lean protein meals.

Joe Delaney’s 5-ingredient high-protein meals

This video shows you how to make quick and easy protein-rich meals using chicken, prawns, and salmon as the main sources of protein. The first meal is chicken and broccoli noodles, the second is risotto chicken, the third is prawn rigatoni, and the fourth is garlic butter salmon. All of these recipes are also low in calories.

Pick Up Limes’ high-protein vegan breakfasts

This shows you how to make protein-rich and vegan breakfast dishes, such as low-effort recipes for pancakes and avocado toast. Additionally, Pick Up Limes shows you how to make a vegan quiche that is fitting for breakfast.

Radhi Devlukia’s 15-minute tofu scramble 

In this video, Radhi Devlukia shares her recipe for a quick and spicy tofu scramble. This recipe contains ingredients that are ultra lean and ultra protein-rich, such as firm tofu and chickpeas.

Gaz Oakley’s High-protein plant-based meals for running

In this video, Gaz Oakley talks about what protein-rich and nutrient-dense food he ate in the lead-up to the London Marathon where he ultimately won a medal. He talks about organic oats, superfood shakes, creamy lentil stews, and more.

Rainbow Plant Life’s instant pot recipes

Follow her recipes to add more diversity and unique flavor profiles to your everyday meals. Here, Rainbow Plant Life shares her recipes for Thai Red Curry Sweet Potato Soup, Israeli White Bean Stew, and Tomato-Fennel Chickpeas with Brown Rice.

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