Leila Alcasid On Strength, Fashion, And Femininity

Leila Alcasid On Strength, Fashion, And Femininity


This is Leila Alcasid in her element—certain, at ease, and fully embracing femininity

This is an excerpt from MEGA’s March 2024 Stylephile

In the eyes of a creative, the world is art itself—but Leila Alcasid lives in an entirely different one of her own. As she completes her degree in graphic design, she continues to develop her creativity through design and photography. 

Alcasid is a woman who establishes herself through grace, grit, and authenticity. She shares that comparison is a very common struggle for women, whether it be on physical looks, achievements, or lifestyle. Still, she embraces her femininity by working on and focusing on the positive things she can be proud of. It also matters to accept the things she is less proud of, completely and honestly.


Can you tell us about the exact moment you first fell in love with fashion?

It took me quite a while to find my own personal style, so I’d say it has only been in recent years that I’ve really fallen in love with fashion. I feel like when I finally realized what I want to do, and what I’m passionate about, my personal style developed as well. 

Who is your style inspiration and how did they influence your current style? How would you describe your own style now? 

I wouldn’t say I have one specific style inspiration. I’m inspired by people I see around me, on social media, on my travels. I love interesting silhouettes and oversized pieces combined with more fitted ones. I also love subtle pops of color against a mostly neutral palette.  

What was your most memorable fashion moment? How about your least favorite? 

One of my most memorable would be a ball I attended in 2019. Vania Romoff made a beautiful modern Filipiniana gown, and I felt so confident in it. One of my favorite pieces to date.

If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? What’s your ultimate closet staple? 

A good pair of structured trousers or a long skirt, Mary Janes, a flowy blouse, and all my favorite jewelry. My closet staple would be nicely shaped pants that make any outfit look put together. 

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Creative Direction JONES PALTENG. Photography SELA GONZALES. Hair JAY AQUINO. Makeup ANTHEA BUENO. Editorial assistant JONNIE NGO. Shot on location THE ALLEY AT KARRIVIN. Special thanks to MICHELLE AYUYAO of THE ALLEY AT KARRIVIN.

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