Let Liza Soberano Inspire You to Be a Global Woman

Let Liza Soberano Inspire You to Be a Global Woman


Liza Soberano welcomes the global spotlight, unleashing her potential and empowering her ambitions. It’s an inspiring journey that pays off

Starting over again seems daunting, a difficult journey fraught with uncertainty and worry. We often seek some sort of resolution to a past we left behind, to better reach toward a future we want. Absolution, after all, allows us to begin anew.  And, thus, Liza Soberano starts over again: bigger, better, bolder. Was she right to do so?

The actress sought to accomplish her dreams by venturing outside Philippine entertainment, where options are sometimes few. Leaving her home country to pursue her passion for acting in the land of opportunity, Soberano’s experience is marked by courage, driven by ambition.

Liza Soberano does press for Lisa Frankenstein
Lisa Frankenstein is her first project into Hollywood

Shadow of Frankenstein

In her inaugural project, Lisa Frankenstein, directed by Zelda Williams, daughter of the legendary Robin Williams, and penned by the illustrious Academy Award Winner Diablo Cody, Soberano finds herself in esteemed company alongside Kathryn Newton, Cole Sprouse, and Carla Gugino. Despite her role as a secondary character, Soberano’s performance steals the show, earning her rave reviews and leaving audiences clamoring for more. 

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Actor Cole Sprouse, director Zelda Williams, actress Kathryn Newton, writer Diablo Cody, and Liza Soberano

At the premiere, the dress by Olivier Theyskens stunned with a touch of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein essence: a medley of blues, blacks, and hints of verdant green swirling within its folds. Its silhouette, though unassuming, is accentuated by its nuanced embellishments: textured layers, subtle sheer, wispy tulle, and ornate lace. It was like a creation straight from the laboratory of Dr. Frankenstein himself, a concoction of disparate elements fused into a singular marvel. Fittingly so—quite literally—it worked for Soberano. 

The actress attends her first Hollywood film premiere in a dress by Olivier Theyskens

What else worked is the simple fact that, in whatever capacity and whichever role she embodies, Soberano effortlessly becomes part of the cinematic landscape. She’s a perfectly framed shot in a classic Hollywood film—each scene enhanced by her presence, each frame capturing her undeniable star power. While others may fumble for their cues, Soberano steps onto the stage with the grace of a seasoned actor, proving that she’s not just a passing character, but a leading lady in the making.

A Dress Fit for Stardom

And so, after just one film role, Soberano’s presence at prestigious events like the SAG Awards, where Mark Zuckerberg’s Instagram invited her, is undeniably the next logical step if your star shines as brightly as the sun itself. When the world acknowledges your talent, it’s a testament to something truly special. It’s a validation that your hard work and dedication have paid off in ways you couldn’t have imagined.

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Soberano attends her first major awards ceremony

Clad in a Pamella Roland gown, Soberano exuded a charming factor that was as wholesome as it was irresistible. It’s the kind of charm that hints at limitless possibilities, suggesting that Soberano’s journey is just beginning and that there are countless avenues she could explore. She’s a formidable woman who possesses a keen awareness of her own capabilities and the drive to pursue her ambitions relentlessly. But she wouldn’t be at the SAG Awards if she didn’t already know this—however, knowing isn’t enough. Like Soberano, one must take action to turn dreams into reality.

Soberano wears a gown by Pamella Roland

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Radiant in Orange

At the Anime Awards, Soberano continued to radiate—and radiate she did, in a vibrant orange ensemble by David Koma, perfectly complemented by silver platform shoes from Jimmy Choo. As she mingled with anime enthusiasts and industry insiders alike, Soberano’s presence added a touch of glamour to the event, cementing her reputation as a star with a knack for making a statement, both on and off the screen.

The actress wears a dress by David Koma at the Anime Awards

With a myriad of interests to explore, Soberano’s versatility knows no bounds. She’s not content to be confined to one role or one genre—she’s the embodiment of boundless potential, constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. She’s not Icarus, flying too close to the sun; she is the sun itself, casting her radiant light on everything she touches.

It was at the Anime Awards that Soberano crossed paths with none other than Korean director and Academy Award winner, Bong Joon-Ho. With such luminaries in her orbit—and two Academy Award winners at that—perhaps it’s a sign of things to come.

Soberano meets Academy Award-winning director Bong Joon-Ho

A Blazer Ball Gown Affair

Finally, Soberano made her entrance at the Vanity Fair Young Hollywood party, dressed in an intriguing attire that defied convention. The Christopher John Roberts’ Resort 2024 ensemble included an eye-catching combination of a traditional blazer and an Audrey Hepburn-inspired midi ball gown. Soberano emulated the renowned actress’s classic beauty, complete with her distinctive short bangs for a hint of sophistication.

Undoubtedly, she further cements her status as a fixture in Young Hollywood, mingling with fellow young stars such as Hunter Schafer, Charles Melton, and Barry Keoghan. Soberano’s appearance demonstrated her growing star power and ability to attract audiences. There is no question that she is destined to achieve even greater success in the entertainment industry.

The actress attends the Vanity Fair Young Hollywood party in a dress by Christopher John Roberts

Yet, Soberano’s ascent to success was not without its challenges. Enduring skepticism and scorn, she weathered the storm of doubt and criticism, emerging stronger and more resolute than ever before. Refusing to be swayed by external negativity, she forged ahead, carving a path to triumph on her own terms.

With each milestone she achieves, Soberano shatters barriers and defies expectations, inspiring women and individuals everywhere to pursue their dreams unabashedly. Her story exemplifies the ability to change through tenacity and self-belief, reminding us that greatness exists inside each of us, ready to be unleashed.

In the end, Soberano stands on the precipice of her burgeoning career, waving the green flag of victory. She stands for those who all dare to dream, illustrating the limitless horizons that await those with the audacity to pursue their passions. Liza Soberano becomes a symbol of hope, a stature of triumph against all odds. And as her story continues to be written, one thing remains certain—she is right.

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