Let These Celebs Inspire You to Move Your Body

Let These Celebs Inspire You to Move Your Body


These celebrities will show you that more than fame and fortune, fitness is one thing that we should not compromise

When celebrities endorse brands, we can expect a boom in the sales of these products and services. Carving your name in any industry means people look up to you and look at you. And so it follows that fans will try these brands. Curious individuals can do too, because why not? A celebrity is endorsing this or doing that! We can trust them, right? 

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But more than the brands we see our idols consuming and endorsing, there is one part of their lifestyle that we need to try ASAP—their work outs. Whether it is to maintain their figures or to release their happy hormones, these celebrities will show us that health is the real wealth. 

Here are some videos from your local showbiz personalities that will inspire you to get down and go healthy!

For a holistic fitness journey, Bea Alonzo and Jessy Mendiola can help you with that.

Bea has always been completely honest about her body image and her fans can attest to her gradual weight loss. Being in the limelight during the awkward puberty phase is not easy, and Bea will show you that the struggle is real but we can power through. Plus, we appreciate Bea’s disclaimer that her journey is not the same as anyone else’s. Go, girl!

Being declared as FHM’s Sexiest in 2016 didn’t stop Jessy from experiencing bashing and body shaming. From time to time, she shares her home and travel-friendly workout routines, but her video on her weight loss journey will remind you that looking good should also be about feeling good.

For those who prefer working out at home, here’s a no equipment workout courtesy of Jessy’s coach, George Castro.

Follow Kim Chiu’s home workout routine for a total body workout with bonus core exercises.

The lockdown was hard for people who enjoy outdoor sports like Kim, but she managed to keep herself active through a home friendly workout routine. Some exercises are not easy, but Kim’s jolly personality will keep you company.

You can also try working out with a partner, just like Erich Gonzales and Enchong Dee.

Best friends Erich and Enchong share the same passion for keeping an active lifestyle. Working out with siblings, friends, or people who you can see safely during this time will allow us to ease your ways into the old normal interactions. If you want to level up your bonding activity with your friends or family, might as well spend it getting healthier and fitter together! You can also do this with your significant other for a different date activity.

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