Buy Better, Wear Longer: Here are Four Ways for Us to Become a More Sustainable Shopper

Buy Better, Wear Longer: Here are Four Ways for Us to Become a More Sustainable Shopper


Levi’s joins us in our journey towards a more sustainable shopping lifestyle

These days, living more sustainably has become very common within the younger generation. While buying new clothes may not look eco-friendly, doing so with the purpose of becoming a better and more sustainable shopper helps in decreasing our carbon footprint. The idea of “Buy Better, Wear Longer” pushes us to be resourceful consumers, and Levi’s helps in achieving this with their eco-friendly pieces. The veteran clothing brand is also supportive of the different ways everyone can do to transition into becoming a better and more sustainable shopper.

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Built to last

What’s the point of buying clothes if we can’t use them for a really long time? We should keep in mind that quality is better than quantity, and wearing clothing that we know is built to stand the test of time is a great way to become a better shopper. Apart from their sustainable practices and methods, Levi’s also ensures each product is tested for durability, and their Tailor Shop can repair any of our clothes to last a lifetime, and the next.


it’s quite hard to practice sustainability with fashion, but here’s some of my small ways on how to do it! #BuyBetterWearLonger

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Creativity is key

When purchasing new clothing, it’s always better to come up with a variety of ways for us to use them. Thinking creatively can create multiple looks with just one item, making it more versatile than it originally was. With the Levi’s Trucker Jacket, our outfits can easily be dressed up or dressed down however we want to use it, whether with a simple tee and shorts, or even a dress!

DIY mode

Not all of us may have the best skill for it, but there’s definitely no harm in trying! Upcycling or repurposing clothes is one of the most creative ways in living more sustainably. Through this, we don’t just get to decrease our carbon footprint, but also have an exclusive, one-of-a-kind piece that no one can get anywhere else! If our pair of the classic Levi’s 505™ Regular Fit Jeans are no longer in use, why not turn it into a hat or top?


thrift flips = cute & sustainable clothes! 🍓 go to @levis_ph & know more abt saving the planet! 🌎#LiveInLevis #BuyBetterWearLonger #thriftflip #fyp

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A fashion-forward brand

It’s heartwarming to see that a lot of brands are heading towards the sustainable route by creating Brands that head towards the sustainable route by creating pieces with more eco-friendly material through resourceful ways tug our heartstrings. Since sustainability is woven into Levi’s products and practices, such as their Water‹Less® technology innovation and other production techniques, they’re using less resources, thus decreasing the unnecessary waste being created.

To learn more about Levi’s and their sustainable practices, visit their official website.

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