Liberated Vanity: Harry Styles Links Up With Alessandro Michele for Gucci HA HA HA Collection

Liberated Vanity: Harry Styles Links Up With Alessandro Michele for Gucci HA HA HA Collection


The product of a collective vision between two longtime friends, distinct creative minds, passion, and childlike enthusiasm—this is Gucci HA HA HA

It is without a doubt that Harry Styles and Alessandro Michele both come from two different backgrounds in terms of being creators. One was a part of a generation-defining boy group before eventually becoming an award-winning soloist and actor, while the other is a veteran in his own industry who has brought back a billion-dollar fashion house into relevance with a maximalist approach to fashion. 

Combine both minds and you get Gucci HA HA HA, with the collection’s name representing the initials of Harry and Alessandro, respectively. First unveiled in June 2022, the collection is a culmination of a two-person creative journey born from a deep bond of friendship—a collection that captures human desire for masculine transformation, as well as being a herald for new visions of beauty, as interpreted by Harry Styles, that allows for the exhibition of authentic masculine vanity. 

“I’m so happy to see this project finally come to life. I’ve known Alessandro for years now, and he’s always been one of my favorite people. I’m always inspired [by] watching him work, so doing this collaboration with my friend was very special to me,” said Styles in a Gucci press release. 

And because of their vision for this joint venture, sartorial jackets, formal suits and Prince of Wales coats along with the rest of the collection is able to depict the essentiality of a particular type of fashion—one that leans toward manipulating established symbols and transforming them into elements of autonomy for cultural renewal and revolution. 

Along with the aforementioned pieces come unexpected print pajamas, bowling shirts, lined coats with hoods and frog fasteners, and pleated kilts with leather straps, which only reinforce the vision and continuous acknowledgment of the creative relationship between Harry Styles and Alessandro Michele. 


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