Lifestyle Asia Redefines Life With New EIC And 18 Game-Changing Millennials

Lifestyle Asia Redefines Life With New EIC And 18 Game-Changing Millennials


Lifestyle Asia presents a fresher look and a redefined take on life with EIC Dong Ronquillo’s maiden issue.

The new year calls for great changes at Lifestyle Asia. As the first issue of their newest EIC Dong Ronquillo, the luxe magazine revamps its look with a brighter aesthetic. Complete with wide borders and pastel colors, the LA’s February issue features 18 millennials that are changing the game in society.

In his editorial note, Ronquillo shares that the new Lifestyle Asia “aims to give powerful, optimistic, and relevant messages by narrating stories of inspiring beacons in the Philippine society.” The list of these game-changers include Spring Philippines founder and managing director Bettina Jose, Build Build Build Committee chairman Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo, actor Rafa Siguion-Reyna, Electric Studio founder Kristina Sy, and more. These millennials have dedicated their time and effort to make a change in society with their advocacies and have proven that their generation is far from the “privileged”—as a lot of people see them. With the brand new LA launching with their February 2019 issue, the magazine now takes on stories that exhibit a meaningful life.

With the changes come new sections that will give the reader a deeper understanding of what a meaningful life is really all about. “LA Voice” shares the strong point-of-view of individuals on a certain subject, debuted by renowned journalist and news anchor Karen Davila on the February 2019 issue. Every month, we can now look for the latest happenings including newly opened restaurants and shops to visit at “Playground”. The “Catalyst” and “Ground Breakers” sections are people profiles of individuals doing important and impressive work. Lifestyle Asia has also renamed “Giving Back” to “Meaningful Life”, a section to highlight people and organizations’ works to help communities. “RSVP”, once a best-selling coffee table book about entertaining guests and throwing the best gatherings, has also been adapted for your monthly dose of parties hosted by Manila’s most discerning hosts and hostesses.

With a new year ahead of us, Lifestyle Asia completely changes the magazine game with a redefined purpose and look. With inspiring stories to motivate us, the new LA is all about change and one that’s good. As EIC Dong Ronquillo poses, “do you play the game? Or change the game?”

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