LISA is Taking Chivas Throughout Her Continuous Journey to Success

LISA is Taking Chivas Throughout Her Continuous Journey to Success


The booming K-Pop idol and her unstoppable climb to superstardom makes her the perfect ambassador for Chivas and their ‘I Rise, We Rise’ campaign

Any kind of progress, whether big or small, is still progress as each one is a step closer to our versions of success. As we write our own success stories, we can’t deny that different people inspire us to continue rising. For fashion fiends and K-Pop stans alike, Lalisa Manoban, more commonly known as LISA, is one of ours. Eventually becoming one of the biggest stars of this generation, LISA is definitely a great influence to her fans and supporters from all over the world. And with her impact and ongoing road to success, Chivas deemed it appropriate to appoint her as their newest ambassador.

A regal role model

Leaving the comfort of one’s home to move to a completely different country is not always easy, but that didn’t stop the Thai-native from pursuing her dream. Ever since her official debut as the main dancer of one of the top third generation K-Pop girl groups in 2016, LISA has been continuously making a name for herself, even by creating record-breaking music as a solo artist. This is just one of the many accomplishments that prove how much she has risen.

LISA’s passion and determination to pass along her knowledge to the next generation is also what Chivas aims to achieve with their global campaign called I Rise, We Rise. By teaming up with the K-Pop star, Chivas has set their eyes on celebrating and elevating the next generation of hustlers who are forging their own path to success.

Cheers to that

Like us, LISA is a big fan of scotch whisky herself, whether drunk as is or in a cocktail. One of the most classic cocktails that remains to be a fan-favorite is the Chivas Hiball. Mixed with soda water, this drink is an incredibly easy one to do, and can even be elevated by adding a garnish like an orange wedge for a touch of freshness with its zest. Meanwhile, ginger ale can be a perfect substitute for soda water to create a Chivas Ginger Hiball. This gives a more sour taste, but can still have some zest with a lime wheel as its garnish. The main tip for both these mouthwatering cocktails is to not overmix as doing so can cause it to lose its fizz.

Raise your glasses and find out more recipes that can be done with Chivas, as well as their latest collaboration with LISA by visiting their website and following them on Instagram.

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