Lisa, Zendaya, Anne Hathaway, and Priyanka Chopra Celebrate Bvlgari’s Pieces With Style

Lisa, Zendaya, Anne Hathaway, and Priyanka Chopra Celebrate Bvlgari’s Pieces With Style


It was a star-studded guest list as the luxury jewelry house celebrated their new collection and showroom in Venice

To celebrate pieces made with such high craftsmanship that Bvlgari has always been known for, a star-studded event in Venice, Italy was held. The pieces in both fine and high jewelry never fail to exude such elegance and prestige as they continue to construct their designs with intricacy and modernity. But it’s also their use of precious gemstones that they searched for is what makes their jewelry one-of-a-kind.

Zendaya, Anne Hathaway, Priyanka Chopra Bvlgari

We get to see this unfold once again as Bvlgari unveiled their Mediterranean High Jewelry collection at their newest showroom. The collection was presented stylishly as Anne Hathaway, Lisa of BLACKPINK, Priyanka Chopra, and Zendaya arrived at the scene wearing stunning pieces from the collection, and we’re to break them down for you.

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It’s definitely refreshing to see Zendaya opt for a timeless look since she’s usually seen taking a daring approach. The custom black Richard Quinn body-hugging gown had subtle detailing on the buttoned bodice with pocket flaps by the hips, undoubtedly accentuating her figure. Meanwhile, her pleated off-the-shoulder neckline had a toned down shine because of the material—this gives the perfect leeway for the diamond and gold Serpenti piece to take the spotlight.

Zendaya for Bvlgari
Zendaya for Bvlgari


Another black gown but with a modern twist was worn by Lisa of BLACKPINK. The K-Pop idol wore a custom Antonia Riva Milano piece that had overstated details such as the wrap around sleeves that had a large bow finish at the back. Though it is quite the statement, it was a good choice to keep the black fabric for a classic look. And just like Zendaya, the off-the-shoulder neckline was the ideal design to show off the diamond and emerald encrusted necklace.

Lisa of BLACKPINK for bvlgari
Lisa of BLACKPINK bvlgari

Anne Hathaway

In contrast to the two young celebrities, Anne Hathaway arrived in a sultry and shimmering gown by Versace. It had a strappy neckline that dipped into a round finish while cutouts were added in a lowkey manner as seen on the torso all the way down. The two-toned dress also had a high slit and sheer finish by the skirt. She matched the luxurious touch of Bulgari by wearing gold and silver, which made the gold lined necklace decorated with diamonds and pink sapphires pop.

Anne Hathaway for bvlgari
Anne Hathaway for Bvlgari

Priyanka Chopra

Alongside Anne Hathaway, the actress also went for a bold direction, but with a cultural twist. Priyanka had on the famous Viva Magenta shade for her look that consisted of a two-piece Miss Sohee design. First, she gave a nod to her culture by adding the pleated finish of the saree on the skirt that held a flower embellishment, but balanced with a sleek off-the-shoulder neckline for her top. To keep the look playful, her diamond choker necklace featured various hues like purple, pink, green, and yellow.

Priyanka Chopra for bvlgari
Priyanka Chopra for bvlgari


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